How to promote blog? A little opinion on blog comment promotion means

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At present, in the domestic independent blogosphere, many bloggers are eager to promote their blogs by means of comments and messages, TA people spend a lot of time shuttling back and forth between multiple blogs every day, and then make comments. These efforts also have the effect of standing up to the mark. Every article in the blog has hundreds of comments, which is very dazzling. But is blogging a success? Blog bar is hard to agree with.

 How to promote blog? A little opinion on blog comment promotion means

There are two types of bloggers:

There are two types of bloggers who come out to open their own independent blogs (or other types of websites). One is lonely and boring; The other is to hope that opening a website can bring you some extra income.

For the former:

This method should not be called blog comment promotion, but blogger interaction. You come here to have a look, I'll go there to have a look, you come here to step on me, and I'll pass by you, just like QQ Space. As time goes by, they become good friends. In order to make friends, this practice is worthy of praise.

For the latter:

Does the comment promotion really work or does it play a big role? The premise of a station's income is that the website has traffic, and only when the website has traffic can someone cooperate with its own ads or the ads placed on the website be clicked. The main source of traffic is the search engine.

Maybe many people will retort: I can also bring a lot of traffic to blog comments!! For this, the blog doesn't deny it, but I want to ask: when you go to other people's blogs, will you click on the ads on other people's blogs? I think 90% won't click it. As a webmaster, I should understand that the webmaster's own resistance to advertising is very strong, and the blogger of the blog you visit is a webmaster. If you hope that these bloggers will help you click on the ads on the website, I just want to say: It is wishful thinking and fantasy. The so-called return visit of most webmasters is to drop a comment on an article or message board and then leave, hoping to let them click on the advertisement, which is nonsense. Maybe putting a pop-up ad on your blog can bring you some income.

In addition, the traffic brought by this method is extremely unstable. Everyone has such a mentality that if you don't come to me, I won't go to you. That is to say, if you want to keep the traffic generated by the review promotion steadily, you have to comment frequently. If you don't go one day, the traffic will be lost that day. Ignoring the little effect brought by this means is simply thankless.

At this point, someone will argue that Lu Songsong is not very successful? For this, the blog can only say to you: How silly and naive! Of course, there is no denying that Lu Songsong can become famous, which is also one of the factors, but more importantly, his elaborate microblog, quotations, blog corpus, software download, theme sharing, technology sharing and other things. It is not just blog comment promotion. If the promotion can be successful only by comments, why do so many people follow up and few people become famous?

Because my writing is really bad, many things cannot be clearly expressed. In short, it is impossible to promote a blog by comments if you want to succeed and become famous. The content quality and search engine are the king. Only if the content is well written, high quality, well collected by the search engine, and well ranked, can it bring large traffic, and then let the blog bring income to itself. So Blog Bar sincerely tells all bloggers not to be too obsessed with comment promotion, nor be obsessed with the short-term pleasure of comment promotion.

At the same time, we can't totally deny the means of comment promotion. Blog Bar also mentioned the method of going to other blog comments in the "Outfront" Promotion Method of New Independent Blogs, but bloggers should properly comment on promotion rather than blindly obsessed with it.

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