Introduction to the most common ways of making money on individual independent blog websites

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Most people who open websites and say they don't want to make money are deceitful. They have invested in domain name server fees and a lot of energy and time. Making money is an affirmation of their own labor and a return. Blog, as a kind of website, is the same. Among various types of websites, blogs are weak in making money. After all, the update program and flow of blogs are lower and less than those of large communities or information sites, but that doesn't mean that blogs can't make money. Here are some common ways to make money with blogs.

 Introduction to the most common ways of making money on individual independent blog websites

Advertising Alliance

This is the most common way to make money in blogs, but it is also the least profitable way. The blog traffic is low, and companies will not take the initiative to put advertisements in your blog, because your blog cannot create benefits for them. But the advertising alliance is different. No matter how much your traffic, as long as your blog is not illegal and meets the requirements, you can apply to join, and the entry threshold is usually very low (except for some)

PS: There is almost no profit for blogs with low traffic. It is possible that even the domain name space fee will not be recovered from the annual income.

Common advertising alliances: Google Adsense, Baidu Alliance A5 Advertising Alliance, Taobao Alliance

Blog group

As mentioned above, one blog has a small traffic, which makes it difficult for companies to put advertisements, but the combination of multiple blogs is different. Find ten or more blogs with the same content type and traffic as the user group to cooperate, and use the smart way of setting up blogs to pull advertisements, and then hang advertisements at the same time. The advertising fees obtained will be distributed evenly

PS: Blogs need user group positioning standards. For example, for webmasters, they can advertise host domain names

Sell Link

Blog is the easiest way to make money, and it is estimated that it is also the lowest income way. In order to quickly increase the weight of the website and improve the ranking of the website in the search engine, some webmasters will buy a large number of blog links. At this time, as long as your blog has been included and has not been punished by the search engine, you can rent and sell the worst links. The worst links are 5 yuan per month, and the PR value is better, up to dozens of yuan per month. A blog sells more than ten links per month, You can earn back the domain name or space fees in one month. Twelve months a year is also a small income, and if there are multiple blogs, the income will be more substantial.

PS: It's easy to earn, but also less. If the linked website is killed by the search engine, your blog is also in danger of being implicated, and you usually do not remove the link without authorization due to your reputation.

Soft text service

Soft articles are divided into two parts: creating soft articles and publishing soft articles. Usually, the two parts are combined to serve together. Creating soft articles is to write an article about its products or other things according to the requirements of the business. Publishing soft articles is to publish the created articles on your own blog, so as to charge corresponding fees. The creation of soft articles and the publication of soft articles add up to hundreds of yuan for each article, and dozens of yuan for each article, while the publication of soft articles alone costs more than ten yuan.

PS: The unit price is high, but it can't be deleted after publishing (of course, it can be deleted without authorization, but it will affect your own reputation and future cooperation). It seems to be a loss in the long run.

Products and services

As a webmaster, I will know more or less one or two technologies, such as those who are proficient in web design and SEO; Those who can design logo icons, develop programs, etc., can carry out charging services correspondingly. For example, those who can design web pages can do fake website skinning services, and those who are proficient in SEO can charge to help other webmasters optimize the ranking of websites.

PS: High requirements, high income and great difficulty

Conclusion: The above blog bar introduces five ways to make money on blogs. It is highly operable for the blog group with no fame and low traffic. Whether you can make money from it depends on your ability.

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    Selling products or providing product related services is an easy way to make money

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