What website do you want to do? What is a good website?

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At present, I have several domain names, five of which have opened a blog, and one of them has been kept. The rest of the plans are thrown away and will not be renewed. I also warn myself not to register in a hurry in the future. The reserved domain name neirong.org (content), I don't want to leave it vacant, nor do I plan to stop. Because the renewal fee needs to be paid, I consider using it to open a new website. Therefore, I encounter a problem that many webmasters will encounter: what does the new website do?

 What website do you want to do? What is a good website?

Worries of being a new station:

I remember a few years ago when I first created a website, I had many new ideas, and I felt that I could create many unique websites if I could. Now, I have been working as a website for three years. When I planned to build a new website again, I wrote the domain name on the paper and stared at it without any clue. I also stopped doing what I used to do when I wanted to open a new website. I searched for keywords such as "what website to do well", "what website to open has a future", and "what website has a large traffic". I carefully read the results of those searches. The answers given to me by search engines in this regard were not as creative as I thought. So I continued to think: what is the appropriate content for this domain name?

Visit blog for inspiration:

Good websites come from inspiration. Most successful people have sudden inspiration to open the door to their success, but thinking behind closed doors will not produce any results. So I decided to look at excellent personal websites, to refer to excellent personal websites, to think about excellent personal websites, to learn from excellent personal websites, to learn from excellent personal websites, This will inspire you to be a new station and expand your vision.

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