How to promote the new station? Promotion method of new independent blog

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In fact, many SEO masters on the Internet have introduced the promotion of websites and blogs, and there are a lot of relevant articles on webmaster websites and webmaster forums, and the analysis is also very detailed and methodical, so it is unnecessary to introduce this blog again, and the blog is not good at promotion, The main purpose of this article is to make up for the lack of some blog promotion methods introduced online.

 How to promote the new station? Promotion method of new independent blog

New blog promotion method:

  • Blog forums such as WordPress, Z-Blog and Pjblog display new blogs. Blogbar found that these forums all have user blog display sections, and there is no limit to blog programs.

  • Change the signature of the frequently visited forum to the link link of the new blog, and then post more topics and grab the sofa, and try to show your personal signature;

  • According to the type of your blog, go to a forum community similar to your blog content type to publish your blog content, and leave the address of your blog post in the content

  • Baidu Post Bar posts blog content, putting the article link in front of the content, which is not easy to be deleted, such as "in Among the new blog promotion methods introduced“

  • Apply for Baidu Space, Sina Blog, Netease Blog and other free blogs to reprint your own articles. It is better to use Baidu Space, which is easy to be included by search engines, and useful articles. Baidu Space can bring hundreds of traffic to you in a day. Please see the content of Baidu Space Blue Sky White Sky Water Zhongying, "SOSO First Anniversary of Independence, Search for More Wonderful Activity Questions", There are more than 4000 visits in a few days. It is conceivable that at least how many IP addresses can be brought to the links in the head of the article. The total number of articles in this space is only 19, and there are still several hundreds of articles;

  • Synchronize the blog content on the community website similar to Woburn, and keep the article link at the bottom of the content (Woburn uses RSS output, so if you want to retain the copyright of the blog while synchronizing, you need to add the copyright description of the blog in functions.php), such as the blog bar's articles on Woburn

  • Exchange friendship links with other people's blogs, don't care about what PR, as long as Baidu Google is included normally, you can exchange those that are not K stations, new blogs are the best, because just built a blog, enthusiasm is very high, and it is more active to visit other people's blogs.

  • With their TA people's blog comments, they persist in one to two hours every day or 20 to 30 blog comments every day. Blog sources can be found on WordPress, ZBLOG, PJBLOG and other forums

  • Join the QQ group of independent blogs and send blog addresses to invite each other to step on

New blogs have little content and are updated every day. Visitors should read new content every day, leave new comments, and keep original content. New blogs should leave a good impression on others and keep visitors' hearts, so that others will visit frequently. Choose a blog that opens quickly. Not many people have the patience to wait for dozens of seconds to open it. Don't advertise too much. New blogs are better not, New people, the most important impression!!

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