Reasons and solutions for Sina blog not being included by Baidu

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The external chain is an important means to improve the website ranking. There are various ways to increase the external chain, among which the blog external chain is the favorite of many webmasters. For example, Sina Blog has become the first choice for webmasters to optimize the external chain because of its fast collection, high weight, simple application and easy use. But many webmasters reflected that their Sina blog was not favored by Baidu, and the articles published on the blog were not included by Baidu. At the beginning, I also encountered the same situation. Later, I gradually mastered the methods and skills, and re registered the blog. After the operation again, the blog was finally included by Baidu, and the collection was in good condition. Now let's share my operation method.

 Reasons and solutions for Sina blog not being included by Baidu

Do not use the personalized domain name provided by Sina.

The address of a newly registered blog is an automatically assigned digital suffix. At the same time, Sina also provides a personalized domain name, which must not be used. Through the experience of registering multiple Sina blogs, it is found that Baidu, the original digital suffix website of Sina blog, is included immediately, but once the personalized domain name address is used, there is no news for a long time. Not only Sina blog, but also Hexun blog.

The first part is reprinted and updated.

After Sina Blog is launched, it will immediately reprint a content article related to its blog theme in other Sina blogs, directly use the "reprint function" of Sina Blog, and then write your own comments and add your website address in the reprint comment window. The comments should be related to the content of the reprinted article. Don't talk nonsense. It should not be difficult to make two or three cross comments, right?! The added website is in plain text format, so don't think it is useless. Baidu webmaster club lee replied to confirm that the plain text url will be captured by spiders, provided that the link has specific value, so the comments should be written well. It should be noted here that the reproduced articles should not contain hyperlinks. Almost all the articles reproduced from the newly opened Sina blog will be included soon, with the exception of hyperlinks.

The content source of the blog update.

The important reason why some webmasters' Sina blog is not popular with Baidu is that webmasters do not take the blog they have opened seriously. They only regard Sina blog as a pure external chain platform, instead of operating it as a real blog. Their updated content is simply copying and pasting some articles, and then adding their own website links. My previous failure experience tells me that this is not feasible, and it is almost difficult to be included in Baidu or not included at all. Therefore, the update of Sina blog should be based on original writing and pseudo original writing. Original writing does not require too much attention, but it should not be difficult to find a topic to write a hundred or two words with a clear theme and smooth sentences, right? Not to mention the simplicity of pseudo originality.

Blog update and external chain addition.

The update of Sina blog should not only aim at updating without rules, not that only your independent blog needs good update rules, but also Sina blog needs to be updated. In terms of the number of articles, it is best to have one article every day, and at most not more than two content updates; In terms of the number of articles in the outer chain, do not add more than one outer chain; On the external chain layout, do not add website links to every article. Sina blog articles with external links are not easy to be included by Baidu. Therefore, the best layout is to add original content. Do not add pseudo original content. Better still, do not add some original content. After experiments, it is found that articles without links are easier to include than articles with links, Most of the original articles are not listed here; Besides, all articles are added to the external chain, and the blog is also at risk of being closed, right?! That's not worth the loss.

The Sina blog I applied for opening for the new website is maintained and operated according to the above points. At present, most of my Sina blog articles will be included, unlike the previous Sina blogs, Baidu will ignore them no matter what they do.

Finally, add one sentence: if Baidu does not include articles as long as they have an external link, do not add an external link to the article. Using the friendship link of Sina blog to add your own website is also a way to increase the external link of Sina blog.

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