How to build a blog into a website that can retain visitors

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In addition to the high quality and readability of the content of the blog, a blog is also affected by many factors if it wants to retain visitors well. For example, the experts of major websites emphasize that "the user experience of a website is very important". A website cannot leave visitors a good feeling, and it is difficult for visitors to stop. Blogbar expresses its views and feelings on user experience here.

 How to build a blog into a website that can retain visitors

Blog opening speed:

The speed of opening a blog should be the most influential. It takes 50 or 60 seconds for a blog to open its home page. I believe that there will not be many visitors willing to wait. Unless your blog content is a must read for visitors and cannot be found elsewhere, at least I will not have the patience to wait for it to open completely. For example, when I visit Lu Songsong's blog, I can't open it within one minute each time, and the page is still completely blank. After three or four attempts, I haven't been to his blog. (My is Unicom 2M broadband)

Blog advertising:

Many people start blogs because they can put advertisements to make money, so their blogs are full of all kinds of advertisements, such as pop-up, floating, audio, etc., so that visitors can pop up advertisements to welcome them as soon as they open the blog home page; When the pop-up advertising window is closed, a deafening sound is heard. After closing the video advertising; Suspended advertisements are floating in front of us; Then it was not easy to open the article page, and all kinds of sparkling "shiny" advertising boards appeared; Alas, hurry up and leave after reading the content. Alas, the mouse accidentally slipped over a keyword and clicked it again. It seems that the blog also accidentally opened a window, which is advertising again! Although the above content is exaggerated, the Internet does not lack such websites. From another perspective, if you go to these websites, what will your reaction be? Blog advertising is not impossible, but it should be appropriate. Excessive advertising is repugnant.

Background music of blog:

From the source of traffic keywords of the blog bar, many bloggers are looking for blog background music plug-ins or methods to add background music. Of course, I'm not opposed to adding background music to the blog, but it's better not to set it to automatically play or add some comfortable light music. Don't let visitors start a super shocking DJ dance music as soon as they open it, which will make visitors feel scared for a long time. I believe they will list your blog as one of the top ten forbidden areas in the future. I was very impressed by this. I was surfing the Internet in my dormitory. At 3:00 am and 4:00 am, my roommates were asleep. I suddenly opened a blog with background music. The sound really startled me and closed the browser at the first time.

Picture of blog template:

The image of the blog theme will affect the opening speed of the blog, because the browser has to load the image when opening the blog, which will slow down the opening speed of the blog. Some blog theme images even cannot be loaded successfully, which will make visitors very depressed.

Content 1 of the blog:

When I see some blog posts, almost all of their content is composed of pictures. Apart from the title, the entire article has no words to express it. I just want to say that my brother is looking for articles rather than pictures. If I want to see pictures, I go to Google, Baidu and other photo albums to find them. But if you want to put pictures, why not build an album directly? Even if you put pictures, you should also add some words to express your feelings for these pictures, so as to resonate with readers!

Content 2 of the blog:

As a blogger, you should be responsible for your blog. Don't do anything for money like a search engine. Bloggers should be honest with their conscience, with the people, with their parents. Don't make a fifty cent party, write fake comments, sell fake advertisements for money

Blog keeps updated:

The blog is not updated once every ten days and a half months. How can I keep visitors? Visitors will never know that your blog has no new content and will come to you all day long. If the visitor is not interested in the blogger, or if the visitor has a special preference and likes to see the blog that does not update the content, otherwise I really can't figure out what is attractive about a blog that does not update. If you want to know, let me know. In the friendship link of another life blog on the bench, there is one that has not been updated since July 15 to November 2010. If it were not for writing this article, I would not have gone to that blog. I just went to see it and found that a new article was published on November 4.

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