What is the MIME type? What types are included?

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MIME is the abbreviation of Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, which is the full Chinese name of Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension. It refers to the method of setting a file with an extension to be opened by an application. When the file with an extension is accessed, the browser will automatically use the specified application to open it.

 What is the MIME type? What types are included?

Common Mime types are as follows:

file extension Mime type explain
.flv flv/flv-flash  Online play
. html or. htm text/html  Hypertext Markup Language Text
.rtf  application/rtf Rich Text
.gif  image/gif GIF Graphics
. jpeg or. jpg image/jpeg JPEG graphics
.au audio/basic  Au sound file
. midor. midi Audio/midi or audio/x-midi MIDI music files
. ra or. ram or. rm audio/x-pn-realaudio RealAudio music files
. mpg or. mpeg or. mp3 video/mpeg mpeg file
.avi  video/x-msvideo AVI files
.gz application/x-gzip GZIP file
.tar application/x-tar  TAR file
.exe  application/octet-stream Download file type
.rmvb  video/vnd.rn-realvideo  Online play
.txt  text/plain Plain text
.mrp  application/octet-stream  MRP files (mobile phones commonly used in China)
.ipa application/iphone-package-archive IPA file (IPHONE)
.deb  application/x-debian-package-archive DED file (IPHONE)
.apk application/vnd.android.package-archive  APK file (Android system)
.cab application/vnd.cab-com-archive  CAB file (Windows Mobile)
.xap application/x-silverlight-app  XAP files (Windows Phone 7)
.sis application/vnd.symbian.install-archive SIS files (Symbian platform)
.jar  application/java-archive JAR file (common format for JAVA platform mobile phones)
.jad text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor JAD file (common format for JAVA platform mobile phones)
.sisx  application/vnd.symbian.epoc/x-sisx-app  SISX files (Symbian platform)

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