Thirteen Deadlines of Private Enterprises

informal essay five thousand seven hundred and thirty-one 13 years ago (2011-03-29)

Shi Yuzhu said, "I roughly calculated that there are at least 13 ways to kill a private enterprise." Shi Yuzhu said, "This does not include internal reasons, such as poor management."

Unfair competition is the first way to die. "If a competitor wants to kill you, it is easy to kill an enterprise if you are in the light and he is in the dark. There are many ways to damage your reputation, such as false accusations and lawsuits," Shi Yuzhu said, "Last autumn, people's congresses and CPPCC committees in half of the capital cities of the country suddenly received complaints about brain platinum products every day, which caused sales to be blocked. After investigation, it was found that some competitors had hired several people in each city, and their main job was to write complaint letters about brain platinum. After the incident was discovered, the complaint letters disappeared immediately."

The second way to die is to encounter malicious "consumers". Shi Yuzhu said that they once met a man in Hubei who complained about the manufacturer for hyperosteogeny somewhere in his body.

The third method of death is the encirclement and suppression of the media. Perhaps it is because he still has lingering fears about the media. Shi Yuzhu did not say what role the media played when the giant fell, but gave an example of the bank: "For example, once the media encircled the bank, the bank would run healthily, and it said that you have been insolvent. As long as depositors withdraw money, the bank would be doomed."

The fourth way to die is to report the product objectively. Shi Yuzhu believes that in the field of medicine and health care products, no product can be 100% effective. If 70% to 80% effective, it would be better. If 90% effective, the product would be excellent. "If the media only reported 10% ineffective, the product would be ruined immediately." This is because, "In China, people are most likely to believe when they say that the products are bad."

Shi Yuzhu attributed the fifth death method to the competent department's killing the enterprise. "If the product is expanded, even if there is one ten thousandth of the unqualified rate, and it is complained to the competent department, the approval document of the whole product may be revoked." There are also punishments from the competent departments in various regions, "For example, the Administration for Industry and Commerce has a fine task every year. If the task cannot be completed by the end of the year, they can only find well done enterprises to complete the task, because these enterprises have cash." According to Shi Yuzhu, last year in a city, they were fined 500000 yuan by an industry and commerce office for no reason. If they did not pay the 500000 yuan, they would not be allowed to sell products in the local area. So I had to pay a fine. However, just a month later, another industrial and commercial office also said that the task had not been completed and asked them to pay 500000 yuan. "We have to swallow our pride and do business, especially private enterprises. If we want to live, we can only bow our heads," Shi Yuzhu said.

The sixth death law is the flexibility of the legal system. "Many things, it's a good thing for you to say so, but in other words, it's probably illegal and criminal. In addition, the unreasonable legal system makes you have to break the rules. For example, the previous regulations on import computer There must be approval documents, but private enterprises can't get approval documents at all. If you want to build a computer, you can only spend money to buy approval documents. According to the relevant regulations, it is illegal to buy approval documents. If you don't do it, you will break the law. There are many similar situations in other industries. "

The seventh way to die is to be cheated. "Sometimes an enterprise will be short of cash after being cheated, or even the whole enterprise will fall into a slump. For private enterprises, the legal protection is very limited."

Shi Yuzhu is also afraid of the threat of red eye disease. "There are many rumors about red eye disease. The rumors about enterprises are good. The most feared is the rumors about products. If there are rumors, the products will not sell immediately."

The ninth is black Sociology Blackmail. "If the enterprise is good, there will be blackmail from the underworld, unless it is a particularly large enterprise." Shi Yuzhu clearly believes that the underworld forces have penetrated every corner in the development of private enterprises.

Shi Yuzhu concluded that the tenth way to die is to offend an official who may use his power to create obstacles to the development of the enterprise.

The eleventh method of death, "if you offend a rogue, you may also kill the enterprise. For example, he poisoned the product."

The twelfth way to die is to encounter fraud. "The more fakes there are, the impact on sales is one aspect. The key is to affect reputation." According to Shi Yuzhu, the problem is how to crack down on fakes. For this reason, Shi Yuzhu specially set up a team to fight against counterfeits. "Somewhere in Jiangsu, there is a relatively large counterfeiting dens. Every family counterfeits. It is useless to crack down on counterfeiting. There is local protection. Later, we invited the public security in other places to seize the counterfeit products and equipment worth tens of millions on the spot, and all the people were stolen. But as a result, the local public security asked people to send them back, and they were released, and then continued to make counterfeits." Shi Yuzhu said helplessly, "Now, when we see fake goods, we have no choice but to buy them by ourselves."

The thirteenth way to die is the entrepreneur's own safety. Shi Yuzhu said that he had received many threatening calls, which never appeared when he had nothing.

According to Shi Yuzhu, these "13 ways of death" were simply listed by him on the plane to Beijing. In fact, what he talked about was the business environment of Chinese private enterprises, which was not a new topic. However, in the process of Shi Yuzhu's clarification one by one, many feelings intertwined among them, which moved the audience.

--The article is excerpted from the Legend of Shi Yuzhu by Cheng Jie