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theme Name: Google
Applicable version: zblog ASP two
Published on: May 2, 2012
Updated on: January 3, 2012
Download address:

Version 2.0

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Version 1.8

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Publishing address:
Website screenshot:

Google Theme - Home
 home page

Google Theme - Article Page
 Content page



Updated on January 3, 2013 V2.2

  1. Correct the maximum display size of the theme image

Updated contents on January 1, 2013 V2.1

  1. Theme thumbnail size modification

  2. Correction of subject search button submission function

Update on December 16, 2012

  1. New Topic plug-in unit

Theme Version V1.0

  1. compatible IE6 /7/8, Firefox, Safari mainstream browser

  2. Validated by W3C.

2.0 Theme Considerations

Google For ZBlog2.0 theme comes with plug-ins, which can Website logo Notice Make settings.


1.8 Theme Considerations
During the installation of toyean1.8 theme, if you are prompted that the local import of ZTI file upload fails because the template is larger than 200K, please send the ZTI format theme package file (google. zti):
1. Use FTP to upload to the directory PLUGIN ThemeSapper Export under the root directory of zblog.
2. Then enter the zblog administrator background, click "Theme Style Management" on the left to enter the style management interface, and select "Install Theme from Local".
3. After entering the Theme Sapper management interface, select "Manage ZTI files on the host", find the "→" behind google. zti, click to install the theme of this ZBLOG, click the activation button, and then perform "File reconstruction".

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