The official theme of Tuoyuan was released by Toyean

Free theme seventeen thousand six hundred and forty-six 12 years ago (2012-02-16)

theme name: Toyean
Applicable version: zblog ASP 2.2 |  ZBlog PHP 1.2
Published: Toyean For ASP   2012.2.15  |  Toyean For PHP 2014.5.6
Updated: Toyean For ASP   2013.12.09  |  Toyean For PHP 2014.5.6

Download address:

ASP version:

You need to have a Tuoyuan account, and Sign in Then you can view or download the hidden content

PHP version:

You need to have a Tuoyuan account, and Sign in Then you can view or download the hidden content

Demo address:


Update V1.1 on May 7, 2014

Fix Theme plug-in unit BUG

Add auto hide slide module when no slide

Issued on May 6, 2014 V1.0


2013-12-09 Update V2.4

  1. Adjust the theme UI interface

  2. Optimize picture preload

  3. correct IE6 Browser compatible

  4. New Home Slide Module

  5. Optimize theme plug-ins (appearance settings, basic settings, advertising settings, slide show settings)

  6. New theme copyright protection mechanism

Updated on March 31, 2013 V2.3

  1. Correction of several bugs in the theme

  2. New article QR code function

Updated on February 6, 2013 V2.3

  1. Fixed zblog 2.1 calendar style

  2. New article sharing function

  3. Adjust theme structure

Updated on January 3, 2013 V2.2

  1. Correct the maximum size of the article picture

  2. Beautify the style of article comments

Updated on January 2, 2013 V2.1

  1. New theme plug-in, navigation can be modified micro-blog code

  2. Beautify Tags page style

Updated on November 21, 2012

  1. Fix support for returning top and bottom in IE

Updated content of toy V2.0 2012-11-6

  1. Fix Calendar Style

  2. Fix the problem that too many navigation categories cause confusion

Updated content of toy V2.0 2012-11-4

  1. New voice search function

  2. New home page and category page turning style.

  3. New article page turn style

Updated V1.2.2:

  1. Add Taobao customer advertising module on the top.

  2. Change the theme LOGO to text display.

  3. Add and modify the bottom quick link suspension module (you need to install the "Contribute" and "Album" plug-ins).

  4. Beautify the theme paging style.

  5. Fixed the bug in the topic section.

Updated V1.2.1:

  1. Fixed the display of top article views.

  2. Fix the problem that the search form button cannot be submitted.

  3. Fix the problem of Jquery file reference.

  4. Revised the TEMPLATE directory for the topic.

  5. Remove the bottom quick link suspension module.

Updated V1.1:

  1. Fixed the display of time format in top articles.

  2. A suspension module with quick links at the bottom is added: "Feedback", "Dynamic", "Top", and "Hotspot".

Rendering of new modules in V1.1:


matters needing attention

The toy theme is divided into two versions: ToyeanForASP and ToyeanForPHP. You can choose to install them according to your space environment. If you need to support zblog1.8, please download: toyean V1.2.1 toyeanV1.2.2

In the process of installing the theme of the following version of toy V1.2.2, if you are prompted that the local import of ZTI files fails to upload because the template is larger than 200K, please send your ZTI format theme package file (toy. zti):

1. Use FTP to upload to the directory PLUGIN ThemeSapper Export under the root directory of zblog.
2. Then enter the zblog administrator background, click "Theme Style Management" on the left to enter the style management interface, and select "Install Theme from Local".
3. After entering the Theme Sapper management interface, select "Manage ZTI files on the host", find the "→" behind toyean.zti, click to install the theme of ZBLOG version 1.8, and click the activation button to perform "File reconstruction".
If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a message with us. Welcome to use!