Tuoyuan zblog topic "Future Future" is released!
  •  Tuoyuan zblog topic "Future Future" is released!
  •  Tuoyuan zblog topic "Future Future" is released!

Tuoyuan zblog topic "Future Future" is released!

  • Application name: Tuoyuan Future Theme
  • Application ID: future
  • Updated on: March 17, 2020
  • Application author: toyean
  • Application version: 2.5
  • PHP requirements: above 5.2
  • Support: ZBlogASP/ZBlogPHP
  • Application makes you excited? It only takes 4 steps to have it:

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    Tuoyuan Future theme Demo address: https://zbp.toyean.com/future/

    Theme introduction:

     Future Design.png

     Future Theme Configuration.png

    PC interface:


    Pad end interface:


    Mobile terminal interface:


    Subject description

    Future ASP Version theme will be available for free download on April 20, 2017:

    You need to have a Tuoyuan account, and Sign in Then you can view or download the hidden content

    ASP version theme depends on YTCMS and MiniTu plug-in unit , please join our QQ group (ZBlog China): 491920017 , download, install and enable in group share.

    Tuoyuan Future is ZBlogPHP Edition payment theme, please log in when installing zblog In the PHP background, select the purchased future.zba file in the theme management to submit and activate it for use.

    Thank you for using the Tuoyuan theme. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us or fill in Feedback

    Subject drop-down menu code:

    You need to have a Tuoyuan account, and Sign in Then you can view or download the hidden content

    video code:

    You need to have a Tuoyuan account, and Sign in Then you can view or download the hidden content

    If you feel that the list image is large, you can copy it to the end of the background website settings copyright description by customizing CSS to increase the number of columns from 3 to 5. If the number of columns increases, the corresponding column width will decrease. The following is five custom CSS columns:

     <style>@media screen and (min-width: 1220px){.post ul li{width:160px;}.multicon .viewnums{display:none;}}@media screen and (max-width: 1220px){.post ul li{width:180px;}.multicon .viewnums{display:none;}}@media screen and (max-width: 600px){.post ul li{width:48%;}}</style>

    Side bar call order:

    Home page (default sidebar), image and text classification list (sidebar 2) Journalism Category list (sidebar 3), article (sidebar 4), page (sidebar 5).


    Update V2.5 on March 17, 2020

    -Update the cloud function interface;

    2019-08-04 Update V2.4

    -New article page reading full text function;

    -The optimization configuration page calls the current year;

    2018-12-19 Update V2.3

    -Fix the paging error caused by filtering classified articles on the theme homepage;

    2018-07-25 Update V2.2

    -Add a double column switch between home page and catalog list;

    2018-04-09 Update V2.1

    -Repair the comment time bug;

    2018-04-03 Update V2.0

    -Add a new blog list template page;

    -Add a new search list template page;

    -Remove the ajax automatic paging function;

    -Set the number of new summary words;

    -Improve the content protection function and support (block the selected text/block the right mouse button/block the chrome F12 review elements);

    -Optimize the carousel slides and some UI styles, and repair known bugs;

    2018-02-19 Update V1.9

    -Remove Tuoyuan Network Copyright link;

    -Connect to Tuoyuan user system;

    2017-12-26 Update V1.8

    -Fix the problem that thumbnails are not displayed when publishing articles through software or client;

    2017-11-15 Update V1.7

    -Fixed the problem that related articles reported errors without labels;

    -Repair the widescreen function of the page;

    -Correction configuration page feedback entry link;

    2017-06-22 Update V1.6

    -Optimize the TAGS of the article page. If the article does not contain tags, the TAGS list will not be displayed;

    -Optimize articles Responsive Video wide and high display;

    2017-06-21 Update V1.5

    -Optimize the "Related Articles" module on the article page. If the article does not contain a label, the module will not be displayed;

    -Adjust the list thumbnail scale;

    2017-05-30 Update V1.4

    -Fix the error reported in the zblogPHP+SQLite environment (major update);

    -Add a new homepage to filter specified classified articles;

    -The optimization slide function is written by data base Mode is changed to write configuration mode;

    -Optimize the commenter's website as the website address;

    -Support user-defined top article label text;

    -Remove the console version display;

    -Fix the newline problem style of news list template;

    -Optimize articles and categories SEO Setting and beautification;

    -Optimize mobile terminal interface User experience

    2017-04-25 Update V1.3

    -New SEO (home page/article and page/category) custom title, keyword and description settings;

    2017-04-20 Update V1.2

    -Newly upgraded compatible PC/Pad/mobile terminal;

    -Support touch screen slide switching;

    -Total station Icon typeface Localization;

    -One click to generate IOS desktop icon;

    -Images are uploaded intelligently, and updates are not replaced;

    -With detection and update function, it can be upgraded at any time;

    -The three versions are integrated, so you don't need to bother switching;

    -Ajax automatically loads, making it easier to turn pages;

    -New article user-defined thumbnail function;

    -Independent switch for new articles and comments;

    -Add a switch to disable mouse selection of page content;

    -New third-party sharing function;

    2014-09-14 Update V1.1

    -Add a new topic, switch and save the configuration information, enable the TAB hot text module of the homepage/article page separately, enable the article head image, and enable the QR code

    -New SEO keyword/description settings

    -New slide show closing function

    -Optimize the copyright length of zblog

    -Modify the comment name to display as an alias

    -Fix comment paging bug

    Released on May 10, 2014 V1.0

    -The topic comes with a list classification template. If necessary, please set the classification template to news submission in classification management

    -The regular version of Tuoyuan Future theme has its own theme plug-in. Please set the website logo, article avatar and slide module in the theme configuration.

    -Theme copyright protection, deleting, hiding or adding rel attribute can cause the website to fail to display normally


    2014-04-26 Update V1.3

    -New third-party sharing function;

    -Adjust the theme to a new style;

    Updated on May 5, 2014

    -Fix the problem that the theme is not completely displayed on the mobile phone

    -Fix the problem that the article video obscures the QR code

    Updated on March 7, 2014

    -Adjust the theme page to center display

    -Article page UI adjustment

    Issued on February 22, 2014

    -The theme comes with plug-ins, slides, theme logos and article thumbnails

    -The article supports QR code scanning

    -The article list supports thumbnail layout and news list layout, which can be set in the background "Classification Management"

    -The theme is protected by copyright. If you delete the copyright, you can no longer use it.

  • Application Purchase and Use Agreement

    1. Before you purchase an app, you need to confirm whether it meets your needs. According to Article 25 of the Consumer Protection Law, the app is a digital product downloaded online and cannot be refunded once it is downloaded and installed after purchase.

    2. You are responsible for complying with any applicable laws when using this app. If anyone infringes on the rights and interests of others or violates the law, we will bear all the consequences, and we will not bear any responsibility.

    3. The applications you purchased in Tuoyuan (hereinafter referred to as our site) and zblog application center are not bound with domain names. You only need to log in to the Tuoyuan account in the application to use it, but they cannot be used in the station cluster system. If a large number of request servers cause congestion and affect the use of other users, we will close your account.

    4. An application can only be used for a single account. Without the consent of the website, it cannot be released, presented, resold, leased, pirated, etc., or we will permanently close your account and reserve the right to continue to investigate relevant responsibilities.

    5. Unless otherwise specified, the purchased applications only include relevant use rights and free update services. The website or zblog application center does not provide additional customized modification or image processing services.

    6. Our website reserves the right to change, restrict, freeze or terminate your use of certain functions without notifying you and assuming no responsibility for you.

    Purchasing Guide

    1. Tuoyuan Channel: Please register your account and log in first, click the "Buy Now" button on the intended application details page to enter the order page, and follow the instructions.

    2. Channel of zblog application center: register and log in to the application center, visit the intended application details page, click the "Purchase Application" button, and follow the instructions.

    3. The station is open for a limited time Tuoyuan fan welfare For activities, you can get coupons every quarter and use them when placing orders on this website.

    Download and Installation Guide

    1. Tuoyuan.com channel: log in to the site and click the top navigation avatar to enter the user center, on the left“ Order management ”Download the application (zba format file) from the, then go to the theme management or plug-in management on the left side of the background of your website zblog, upload the zba file and enable it.

    2. Channel of zblog application center: log in to the background of your website zblog, find the purchased application in the "Application Center" - "My Application Warehouse" on the left, click the application title to enter the application details, and then "Get Application" installation.

    Use and Help Guide

    1. The Tuoyuannet application of this website and zblog application center needs to log in to the Tuoyuannet account inside the application for use.

    2. Since zblog and php have file upload restrictions, please refer to Help Documents Modify settings.