[Tuoyuan fan welfare] We have prepared a wave of coupons for you. Please come and get them soon if the number is limited~

1、 Activity introduction

This time by Tuoyuan Network Fans can participate in the coupon activity for giving back to their fans once a quarter.

2、 Participation process

Fans add our friends on Alipay“

”, we will issue a coupon of 10 yuan every quarter on our personal homepage and purchase it on Tuoyuan theme or plug-in unit The coupon code is filled in the order for deduction.

3、 Activity Rules

1. Coupons can be received once every quarter and are valid until the last day of each quarter.

2. After using the coupon, if the order is deleted or the validity period is exceeded, the coupon will be recycled by the system and cannot be used again in the current quarter.

3. Coupons only support the use of orders on this site, and the order amount must be greater than the coupon limit.