The zblog topic "Tuoyuan Mizhe Official Edition" was released in V1.2

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theme Name: Theme of Tuoyuan Mizhe Official Edition

Subject author: toyean

Applicable version: Z-BlogPHP 1.3 Wonce Build 140614

Published on: September 8, 2014

Publishing address:

Tuoyuan Mizhe Theme Official edition And preview 10 differences:

  1. Theme core optimization, with more than a little change;

  2. Taoke's address is automatically converted into short address in the station, making friends with Baidu search engine;

  3. New Topic SEO Setting, SEO optimization is more convenient;

  4. Add a theme configuration switch to switch the theme to retain configuration information;

  5. Automate product end time configuration to reduce product upload time;

  6. One button slide switch setting is added to facilitate slide management;

  7. Add browsing records and product conversion rate;

  8. Intelligent interaction upgrading, paying attention to the voice of users;

  9. User defined product picture settings and call order (User defined picture ->article first picture ->default picture);

  10. Thematic source code protection to enhance anti-theft means;

Topic screenshot:

zblog Topic "Tuoyuan meter book" - default template of classification list



Zblog topic "Tuoyuan rice discount" - classified list group purchase template


Zblog topic "Tuoyuan Rice Fold" - product page template


Zblog topic "Tuoyuan Rice Fold" - details of the topic (top articles are marked as recommendations, default category template floating sidebar, etc.):



Description of the meter fold theme:


  1. Install and enable the rice discount theme, create or edit an article, and you can see the product information form shown in the above figure on the right side of the editing page. Please refer to the following for the filling format:

    Product image: jpg/png/gif (the official version adds the custom image address function, which can be left blank)

    Product price: 99.0

    Market price: 199.0

    End time: 2014-09-8 24:00:00 (Click the end time text box to pop up the visualization date for easy selection. The default date is 7 days, which can be modified in the theme configuration.)

    Product address:

  2. If you do not fill in a customized product picture, the first picture of the article will be automatically called. If there is no first picture of the article, the default picture will be automatically called;

    When the product price is not filled in, the display form is "No quotation temporarily", and the price background of the article page is green, and the "Go to rush to buy" button becomes "About to start...";

    When the market price is not filled in, the display form is blank;

    When the end date is not filled in, the display form is blank;

    When the product address is not filled in, the display form is the "Go to Rush to Buy" button on the article page and the product image link does not jump.

  3. The topic of Tuoyuan meter book is a double category template. In category management, you can set a proprietary template for categories, and set "catalog default" or "tuan".

  4. Website LOGO, navigation menu on the left and right of the header, advertising space, home slide, floating sidebar on the left of the default catalog list page micro-blog And the sharing code is set in the background "Theme Configuration".

  5. If you do not need the slide function, please click the Close Slide button in Slide Management.

  6. Comments button After entering comments, you can use the shortcut key "Ctrl+Enter" to submit.

Updated on July 27, 2014

  1. Fix the problem that the default catalog template displays abnormally

  2. Add copyright description of footer theme, and put JS codes such as site statistics in settings management

Updated on July 18, 2014

  1. Fixed bug of topic comment function

Updated on July 16, 2014

  1. Repair and add theme configuration items (repair the left and right navigation at the top of the website, and add authentication at the bottom of the home page Icon And upload website background pictures)

  2. Modify zblog copyright to compact display$ ZBlogPHP abbrhtml

Updated on July 13, 2014

  1. Optimize the display of product prices, and friendly display when product information is not filled in

  2. Fix the known bug of the subject

  3. Adjust the navigation display to smart floating

On July 12, 2014, the zblog PHP topic was released

  1. Self contained theme plug-in unit Website LOGO, slide show, microblog, advertisement, sharing and other functions should be set in the background theme configuration

  2. The topic comes with two classification templates. You can choose "catalog (default)" or "tuan" template in classification management

  3. The left floating navigation of the catalog classification template can customize HTML settings in the theme configuration

  4. Subject copyright protection

Subject description:
The template of zblog theme "Tuoyuan Mizhe Official Edition" is a ZBlogPHP theme. Please log in to the ZBlogPHP background during installation and upload the purchased mizhe.zba file in the theme management. This theme does not need plug-in support and can be used after installation and activation; The theme of Mizhe is original by Tuoyuan, and it has beautified some details of the original UI of Mizhe, which is more designed than the original website. The copyright of the UI and other information belongs to Mizhe.
If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us. Our website is: , QQ group: Click to group