Ten pieces of advice for young designers

Visual Design four thousand and fifty-one 12 years ago (2011-04-20)

1: Plan your own road well, don't follow your feelings! According to personal ideal decision-making arrangements, most people do not expect to become academicians or professors, but rather hope to live a better life. Then, we need to carefully arrange our own trajectory. Start from which industry, gradually understand the industry in depth, and do not change jobs frequently, especially for a little salary. In the long run, this money is nothing. When you have experience in an industry for several years, money will not be a problem in the future. Frequent turbulence is not the best policy. In the end, you have no understanding of any industry and will always be a novice!  

2: Can do design creativity and technology, must not indulge in design creativity and technology. Never concentrate on design creativity and technology! Give yourself a lot of pressure, if you put all your mind on it, then you are doomed to become Kong Yiji and other people! Enough is enough, because these are just one of the pillars of your future, and they are not the biggest pillars, unless you are only willing to be a designer in your old age!  

3: Don't be a master of design, just a master of comprehensive quality!

When we work in enterprises, we often look down on someone and say that he "doesn't know anything, why should he get so much money, why should he be promoted!" This is a common typical engineer's pedantry. Is 8051 awesome? If someone can go up, he must have his ability, and you have no ability. Think about it, the boss has been in business for so many years, but is he not as knowledgeable as you, a new recruit? Others may be good at management, understanding the intention of the boss, and coordinating departments. Therefore, we must cultivate our abilities in many aspects, including management, affinity, observation, and research. If we want to become a master of comprehensive quality, we will have a promising future, otherwise we can only hide in the corner to watch the oscilloscope! Skills other than technology are more important skills!! From ancient times to the present, the United States and Japan are the same!  
4: Overpayment Sociology Friends of all trades! Don't just associate with designers,

If you think that you have a common language, it is more important to communicate with other types of people. If you want to be a boss or senior manager one day, you will face these people all day long. Understanding their experience, thinking habits and hobbies, learning their mode of dealing with problems, and understanding the phenomena and problems in all corners of society are huge costs for future development. Without these, they will be clumsy, stumble, encounter many difficulties, pay a lot of study fees, and the probability of success will be greatly reduced!

5. Knowledge is not necessarily specialized, but must be broad!

Read more books in other fields, such as finance, accounting, import and export, tax, law, etc., to accumulate some for the future, which will be more useful in the future! Will pay a lot less tuition!!  

6. Seize the opportunity to change to technical management or marketing!

If you want to have a future, you can't always engage in development. When appropriate, you should change it to management or sales. The future will be even greater. Previously, technology was not in vain, but it will be useful in the future. Management can cultivate their leadership ability, sales can cultivate their market concept and thinking, and accumulate huge People It should be said that this is the real pillar of the future!!!  

7: Gradually overcome their own psychological weaknesses and character defects! Suspicious, sensitive, naive (derogatory, not cute), hesitant, timid, worried, too thin skinned, not dark hearted, dogmatic thinking... The common character weaknesses of these designers must be changed! Is it difficult? It's impossible to just think about it in bed. Go to help your friends keep the stall for a month. It must be effective. Practice instead of just thinking about it! Without overcoming these shortcomings, everything is impossible, and even the project manager is not good -- although you may have good skills!  

8: Prepare for the future while working! Establish your own working environment! Configure a working environment for yourself as early as possible, so that you can contact with the work in your spare time. On the one hand, you can contact the market, cultivate your sense of the market, and at the same time accumulate funds. More importantly, you can prepare your own products. We have no money for design and technology, only design and technology. The representative of design and technology is not education and certificates, but products, and produce decent products, You can transfer technology or cooperate with others to set up enterprises! Get things ready first, wait for the opportunity, otherwise, you can't catch the opportunity!

9: Learn to be good at selling yourself! It is necessary not only to be able to speak and write, but also to be able to use every opportunity to promote themselves and establish their own brand image! You should create conditions to let others know you, otherwise how can the boss know you are capable? How can outside investors trust you? Sell yourself early, and chances will naturally come to you! A personal homepage is a good idea!! In particular, we should cultivate our own reputation in the industry. Once we become famous, we will have opportunities for high salaries and, more importantly, opportunities for cooperation  

10: Do it when it's time to do it! Never be 100% sure!!! The conditions are almost the same, so we should be bold to do something and start our own business. Don't hesitate or hesitate. We may not succeed after doing it, but at least we have accumulated experience for the next impact. If we don't do it, we will never be promising, and if we want to succeed, we will inevitably experience failure. No one can casually succeed without experiencing the wind and rain.