Talking about web design and user experience

Visual Design eleven thousand and nineteen 12 years ago (2012-03-24)

I have been busy working recently and always want to take some time to write something. My colleague introduced Han Xuedong to me unintentionally. I suddenly realized that in 2012 Web Design The trend seems to be more and more inclined to single page development, and single page style is adopted throughout the station. I don't know whether there is such a concept of link anchoring. I call it this way for the moment. When designing websites, I often think from the perspective of users how to attract users to click a link, a picture, a button, or whether the button is on the left or right, Response area Wait, think about the user experience completely.

In 2011, I have been designing Android client, so I have metro , the roadside, even the toilet. Observe the way everyone holds a mobile phone, and it is found that 85.7% of people hold a mobile phone with their right hand. In other words, the thumb of the right hand is the key to control the mobile phone. Few people use their right hand to operate the mobile phone with their right index finger. Obviously, it is easier to click the button on the right side of the screen with the thumb of the right hand. Whether it is MOBILE or WEB, we need to pay attention to a lot in the design process.

I remember that last year I wrote an article called "How wide is the web page?" , summarized the size of each major website, and vision Effects and User experience This is not much about the width of the web page. If you need it, you can go and have a look.

When a user visits a non-existent or wrong page, if there is not a 404 concept page, it is conceivable that the user will leave your website. The 404 page simply tells the user the direction, which is like a signboard, so that the user can choose what to do next. Here is an example of 404 page information:

404 Page Information Example
  1. Oops We screwed up, and thank you for finding a flaw in our design, uh We are not perfect, but we will try to do better.   
  2. What should we do next? I hope the following tips can help you:
  3. Send an email to notify us.     
  4. Return to the previous page.     
  5. Return to the home page of the website.     
  6. Try refreshing the page (press F5).     
  7. Select the category menu from the top navigation bar to browse.     
  8. Custom search or search by page, month, category.   
  9. Wait for a while. If the error page magically redirects to a different page, you can browse (hint: the possibility is 0 (* ^ __ ^ *)).     
  10. Because we can't meet your expectations, please visit other websites.   

In this way, the user can choose to send an error email, or return to the previous page, or return to the home page, and then return to the user experience again. What kind of web design can be considered as design?

Before designing a web page, you should consider multiple factors Product strategy , online or offline? Who do you want to face? The age of users, whether they are children or business white-collar workers, beauty loving women, elderly, etc., should also consider the website Internal logic How to design the optimization of convenient programs. Of course, speed is always the bottom card of the website. Now, no matter whether Netcom and Telecom are monopolizing or not, and the network in many places is speeding up, visiting the website is much faster than before. In the past, Baidu and Google's pages were opened quickly, but of course, the home page did not load too much. Now Google is gone, Visiting Google's website is also unstable and often fails to open. No matter how fast these websites are, when designing websites, we should still be concise and clear, leaving the first impression on users, knowing what the website does and what services it can provide to users, and customer satisfaction is the most important.

Because of the time, the website has life in general, including head, main and footer. As a designer, you should give life to the website, so that the website can breathe and live longer—— Toyean