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2023 Tencent Cloud Starts Spring Promotion Early Purchase Activity New and Old Customers New Purchase and Renewal Discount Full Reduction Activity

The annual spring start activity in March started, and we saw Tencent Cloud take the lead in releasing the advance purchase activity. If we need to purchase cloud products in spring, we can see what activities Tencent Cloud has brought to us this year. Relatively speaking, Tencent Cloud offers more incentives for new purchases and renewals of old customers than its peers. Although it is an early purchase activity, the activity intensity is the same as that of the formal activity, but the products of the formal activity are more abundant. However, for most users, products such as regular virtual machines and databases are commonly used, and there is no need to wait for the formal activity.

The activity starts on March 1 and ends on March 31.

Let's see what activities there are.

1. Seckill activity

Tencent Cloud's recent second killing activities are relatively weak, especially for new customers whose cloud products are only one or three months old, so it is not recommended to choose. Because once we choose, our new guest qualification will not be available. But some new customers can still use it without restriction. For example, I will choose their CDN service, which is dozens of yuan cheaper than regular customers.

2. Buy and give away activities

I have also participated in this activity. Enterprises and individuals will give free gifts for up to three months for newly purchased products.

3. First order of new customers

The first order of new customers is suitable for new customers who have not purchased similar cloud products before. For example, the reason why I do not recommend the above seckill activity is here. We would rather choose an annual package to use a new account.

Part of the package is the same as that for free activities. It may be about 20 yuan cheaper here, but it is not free here. Considering the length of the free meal, I would rather choose a full free meal.

4. Regular customers're purchase activities

Tencent Cloud still has many activities for old customers. There is a special re purchase discount for old customers. Although it is not as good as new customers, others are better than similar businesses.

5. Receipt of voucher

Enterprises and individuals can get vouchers during the Spring Festival.

It can be used for new purchase, re purchase and upgrade.

6. Tencent Cloud Renewal Full or Reduced

If we need to renew cloud products, we can join the renewal activity members( Renewal activity )。 Receive renewal coupon, and the coupon will be reduced. And renewal discounts for exclusive renewal levels.

We can have exclusive renewal coupons and renewal discounts according to their respective levels.

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