Realize URL forwarding or redirection with Cloudflare

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Due to historical reasons, some of the domain names in hand have not been used or have been migrated to new addresses, and do not want to spend additional servers to redirect pages (Qiong!)
Then, there is only one solution: white whoring
As stated in the title, today's goal is Cludflare, which is also very simple to use. Here's a simple picture~

Step 1

Log in to Cludflare to create page rules


Step 2: Edit the page rule and save it

The meaning in the screenshot is to 's request will be redirected to above
Among them, was the CDN domain name of the original map bed. Later, was uniformly used as the new domain name, but I was not alone in using the map bed
If you switch directly blindly, the images of other users who use the map bed on the site may not be loaded. In the spirit of being responsible for users, this jump is indispensable and necessary.
According to the above configuration, access can be achieved
Will jump to
However, it should be noted that the traffic must be transferred through Cloudflare, The Page Rule will only work. If you simply use the DNS function of CludFlare, the Page Rule will not work.


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