Some users of the map bed cannot upload pictures using the API

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The following is a description of the situation:
Some users reported that they could not upload using the API. After troubleshooting, it was found that due to historical reasons @
In the early stage, when data was manually migrated from the tree hole external link program, the Lsky Pro graph bed did not support API functions at that time,
Later versions support that the post token field is not automatically generated for some reasons, which causes some old users to have empty token fields in the user table,
This creates an illusion that the interface cannot be used to upload pictures. For users with empty tokens, all of them have randomly generated and inserted tokens,
The user can view it in the setting interface after logging in the site.
If there are problems such as forgetting the password, user name, email, and the email fails to receive the verification code, the account cannot be logged in
Please click the map bed homepage To add a deduction group, try to contact the administrator for help.



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  • Yi Chen

    Only one storage strategy can be used for role groups. Can several cloud stores be randomly uploaded and distributed? It seems that the role group cannot be added

    November 11, 2021
    • Gcod

      @Yi Chen No~

      November 20, 2021