Velveteen can completely eliminate extortion virus wannacry and its new varieties

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"Firevelvet security software" has been upgraded at noon on May 13. Download the software through the official website of firevelvet, and upgrade to the latest version to prevent and kill the virus.

The Flamingo team is on duty day and night to keep track of new virus variants, and will upgrade products whenever they encounter new variants. Creosote products are automatically upgraded by default. Please feel free to use without any settings.

For intranet users, please download tinder products through the Internet and upgrade to the latest version, and then install the intranet computer.

The outbreak of wannacry blackmail virus, the use of NSA under the equation group leak of the leak to spread. The vulnerability code name "eternal blue", Microsoft patch ms17-010, also known as "eternal blue" in China.

Please upgrade the system to the latest version. Microsoft updated this vulnerability in March this year.

In order to deal with the virus disaster, Microsoft provided emergency security patch updates for Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003.

If the system upgrade patch is not successful, manually close ports 445, 137, 138, and 139 - if you have to use these network shared ports, be sure to install "velvet security software.".

[article reprinted from Huorong official website]


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