Method for Zblog to hide background login address

web front end twelve thousand seven hundred and ninety-four 12 years ago (2012-05-18)

Today, I saw someone posting in Pineapple Pavilion asking how to hide zblog I replied to the background address and left a backup here for future reference.

Zblog is a set of ASP The platform's open, efficient, robust, practical and beautiful blog publishing program has a large number of users. I also use this program. However, there is a security risk, that is, it is relatively difficult to modify the default background address. Although this is not a big problem, if zblog has an administrator password disclosure problem, the default background will open the door for intruders. Therefore, the security of the website depends on the details. Now I will introduce the modification method of the default background address of zblog in detail.
The default management login portal for zblog is "login. asp" under the root directory. After successful login, it will automatically jump to the "admin" directory for website management. To modify the default background address, you need to change two parts: one is the login entry "login. asp", and the other is the directory name "admin".
File name to be modified:
Modify the login entry "login. asp":
1. Modify the file name of login entry "login. asp", such as "manage. asp";
2. Open the cmd.asp file and search for "login. asp". There is only one place. Replace it with the modified login entry, such as "manage. asp".
Modify the directory name of the management home directory "admin":
1. Modify the name of the management home directory "admin", such as "manage" (it is recommended to change it to an uncommon name);
2. Open the cmd.asp file with Notepad, search for "admin/" (without quotation marks), a total of 30 items, and replace them with your modified background address, such as "manage/".
Modify the following files in the same way:
FUNCTION/c_system_manage.asp (4 items in total)
FUNCTION/c_system_event.asp (2 items in total)
ADMIN/edit_fckeditor.asp (1 item in total)
After doing this, the default background address of zblog has been changed to your modified address, so your blog will be more secure! Even if the intruder gets your administrator password, he can't find the backstage, so he can only stare!