There are big articles in small font family

web front end seven thousand four hundred and forty-three 13 years ago (2011-02-25)

I encountered a problem writing HTML today. All words on the page are required to be used Microsoft Yahei typeface So I wrote Font family: "Microsoft Yahei" in CSS. Yahei fonts are also installed in the font folder of the system, but they are still displayed in Song typeface when browsing the page. In the past, it was no problem to write like this when reconstructing the page. So where is the problem?

Baidu, the original font family: "Microsoft Yahei" is not applicable in all cases, and the attribute values of Chinese fonts will be parsed into Garbled code , so sometimes font failure occurs.

The correct Microsoft Yahei font is: font family: "Microsoft Yahei", which is applicable to all kinds of browser The Song typeface is font family: "simsun". It turns out that there are big articles in font family.