HTML Button.onclick Event Summary

web front end seven thousand and seventeen 13 years ago (2011-05-12)

<input onclick="document. all. WebBrowser. ExecWB (1,1)" type="button" value="Open" name="Button1">

<input onclick="document. all. WebBrowser. ExecWB (4,1)" type="button" value="Save As" name="Button2">

<input onclick="document. all. WebBrowser. ExecWB (10,1)" type="button" value="attribute" name="Button3">

<input onclick="document. all. WebBrowser. ExecWB (6,1)" type="button" value="print" name="Button">

<input onclick="document. all. WebBrowser. ExecWB (8,1)" type="button" value="Page Setup" name="Button4">

<input onclick="window. location. reload()" type="button" value="refresh" name="refresh">

<input onClick="window. external. ImportExportFavorites (true, '');" type="button" value="Import Favorites" name="Button5">

<input onClick="window. external. ImportExportFavorites (false, '');" type="button" value="Export Favorites" name="Button32">

<input onClick="window. external. AddFavorite (location. href, document. title)" type="button" value="Add to Favorites" name="Button22">

<input onClick="window. external. ShowBrowserUI ('OrganizeFavorites', null)" type="button" value="Organize Favorites" name="Submit2">

<input onclick='window. location="view source:"+window. location. href 'type="button" value="View source file" name="Button7">

<input onClick="window. external. ShowBrowserUI ('LanguageDialog ', null)" type="button" value="Language Settings" name="Button6">

<input onClick="document. execCommand ('Cut ')" type="button" value="Cut">

<input onClick="document. execCommand ('Copy ')" type="button" value="Copy">

<input onClick="document. execCommand ('Paste ')" type="button" value="Paste">

<input onClick="document. execCommand ('Undo ')" type="button" value="Undo">

<input onClick="document. execCommand ('Delete ')" type="button" value="Delete">

<input onClick="document. execCommand ('Bold ')" type="button" value="bold">

<input onClick="document. execCommand ('Italic ')" type="button" value="italic">

<input onClick="document. execCommand ('Underline ')" type="button" value="underline">

<input onClick="document. execCommand ('stop ')" type="button" value="Stop">

<input onClick="document. execCommand ('SaveAs')" type="button" value="Save">

<input onClick="document. execCommand ('Saveas', false, 'c: Autorun. inf')" type="button" value="Save As">

<input onClick="document.execCommand('FontName',false,fn)" type="button" value=" typeface ">

<input onClick="document. execCommand ('FontSize ', false, fs)" type="button" value="font size">

<input onClick="document. execCommand ('refresh ', false, 0)" type="button" value="Refresh">

<input onclick="window. location. reload()" type="button" value="Refresh">

<input onclick="history. go (1)" type="button" value="Forward">

<input onclick="history. go (- 1)" type="button" value="Back">

<input onclick="history. forward()" type="button" value="Forward">

<input onclick="history. back()" type="button" value="Back">

<input type="button" value="Pop up a fixed window" onClick="javascript: window. open ('#', '', 'scrollbars=yes, width=600, height=200')">

<input type="button" value="Close without prompt" onclick="window. opener=null; window. close();"/>

<input type="button" value="Click to enter another page" onclick="window. location. href=''"/>

<input type="button" value="Return to the previous page" onclick="javascript: history. go (- 1);"/>