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theme Name: Blue Simplicity Theme

Subject author: toyean

Applicable version: zblog ASP two point two

Published on: December 12, 2012

Updated: December 19, 2013

Theme size: 401KB

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Publishing address: https://www.toyean.com/post/BlueSimple.html

Topic screenshot:

Zblog Blue Simplicity Theme - Home

 Blue simple theme - home page

Zblog Blue Simplicity Theme - Article Page

 Blue simple theme - article page

There is no tab module in the default sidebar of the theme. If you need a friend, you can add a tab module by yourself. The code is as follows.

1. Modify the home page (bluesimple/template/default.html and catalog. html), and add the following code at<# template: sidebar #>:

 <div class="sidebar_block"> <div class="tabtitle">   <ul id="tabnav"> <li class="selected">Latest articles</li> <li class="">Popular articles</li> <li class="">Random articles</li>   </ul> </div> <div class="tabcon" id="tab-content">   <ul>     <#CACHE_ INCLUDE_ PREVIOUS#>   </ul>   <ul class="hide">     {YT:Article DataSource="GetArticleRandomSortTopHot(10)"}       <li><a href="{$Article.Url}">{$Article.HtmlTitle}</a></li>     {/YT:Article}   </ul>   <ul class="hide">     {YT:Article DataSource="GetArticleRandomSortRand(10)"}       <li><a href="{$Article.Url}">{$Article.HtmlTitle}</a></li>     {/YT:Article}   </ul> </div> </div> </div>

2. Theme plug-in unit Add the following CSS code to the custom style sheet (bluesimple/plugin/default. css. html) file:

 /*Sidebar Tab*/ .tabtitle { font-size:14px; color:#000; font-weight:bold; line-height:35px; overflow:hidden; } .tabcon { height:230px; padding:5px 0; line-height:30px; overflow:hidden; } #tabnav { display:block; clear:both; zoom:1; } #tabnav li { width:103px; float:left; margin-bottom:5px; font-size:14px; color:{%aryColor(4)%};  font-weight:normal;  text-align:center;  cursor:pointer;  border-bottom:2px solid #323436;  } #tabnav .selected { color:{%strHdBg%};  border-bottom:2px solid {%strHdBg%};  position:relative;  } #tab-content .hide { display:none; } #tab-content ul { height:240px; overflow:hidden; } #tab-content ul li { float:left; width:100%; padding-left:8px; line-height:22px; border-bottom:1px dashed #f3f3f3; text-indent:0.8em; background:url(images/list.png) no-repeat 0 9px; } #tab-content ul li a { font-size:12px; color:{%aryColor(1)%};  overflow:hidden;  text-overflow:ellipsis;  white-space:nowrap;  } #tab-content ul li a:hover { color:{%aryColor(2)%};  }

3. Theme script (bluesimple/script/common. js) file:

 $(function(){ $('#tabnav li').hover(function() { $(this).addClass("selected").siblings().removeClass(); $("#tab-content > ul").eq($('#tabnav li').index(this)).fadeIn(100).siblings().hide() }); });

4. After modification, enter the theme configuration, select a color scheme, save it, and then rebuild the file.

2013-12-19 Update V1.3

New website slide show and management

Display and management of advertising space on new article pages

New secondary column navigation

New theme copyright protection mechanism

Optimize theme plug-ins to facilitate setting page styles and other configurations

Optimize intelligent management of homepage CMS module

Correction of several bugs such as style

August 28, 2013 Update V1.2

Corrected theme Browser compatible Sexual issues

Adjust theme structure

Fixed the problem that the topic does not display the number of views under YTCMS

Adjusted CSS style of sidebar module

Adjusted tag page tags style

Adjust the active style of the current page of the navigation column

New homepage classification display parameter settings

Hides the picture in the article summary

January 6, 2013 Updated V1.0

Correct the known bug of the subject

Updated on December 27, 2012:

Fix the problem that the search button cannot submit

Correction&ldquo; Latest comments with gravatar avatar&rdquo; Three display adaptations of plug-ins

Updated on December 12, 2012

The theme has its own shortcut key Ctrl+enter to submit, which is not supported IE6

The theme has its own plug-in. Please configure and use the website welcome message in the background plug-in management.

Subject description:

The theme of Zblog Blue Simplicity requires YT.CMS  And Mini thumbnail Two plug-ins support.

This theme is zblog2.2. Please log in to zblog2.2 background management during installation. You can download this theme application in the application center, or select the local BlueSimple.zba file in theme management to submit and activate it for use.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a message with us. Our website is: www.toyean.com, contact email: toyean@qq.com