Zblog impressionism theme release!

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theme Name: Tuoyuan Impressionist Theme

Subject author: toyean

Applicable version: Z-Blog 2.2 Prism Build 130801 | Z-BlogPHP 1.2 Hippo Build 140220

Published: ASP :2013.12.31 | PHP:2014.04.07

Theme size: ASP (174KB) | PHP (164KB)

Theme download:

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Publishing address: https://www.toyean.com/post/simida.html

Topic screenshot: zblog 2.2 Tuoyuan Impressionist Theme - Home

 Tuoyuan Impressionist Theme - Home

ZBlog2.2 Tuoyuan Impressionist Theme - Article Page

 Tuoyuan Impressionist Theme - Article Page

Issued on April 7, 2014 ZBlogPHP Version Theme

Updated on March 31, 2014

Fix the topic known bug

The theme file is optimized. The original theme size is 644KB, but after optimization, it is only 174KB

Issued on December 31, 2013

Self contained theme plug-in unit , you can set the theme background and website logo.

Waterfall flow Responsive Layout design

The copyright protection function is added. If you delete the copyright, you can no longer use it.


Zblog topic description:

The zblog impressionism theme is divided into ZBA and ZBP. When installing, please log in ASP2.2 or PHP 1.2 background management according to your zblog version, download and install in the application center, or select the local simida.zba file in the theme management, submit and activate it for use.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a message with us. Our website is: www.toyean.com, contact email: toyean@qq.com