The Application of Psychology in Website Making

Visual Design four thousand three hundred and seventy 12 years ago (2011-04-20)

1. Who are you?
2. What do you want to introduce to me?
3. What are the benefits of the products and services you introduced to me?
4. How to prove that what you introduced is true?
5. Why should I buy from you?
6. Why should I buy from you now?

Step 1: Who are you?
The header file of the webpage has been told to the user

Step 2: What do you want to introduce to me?
The user has also been informed of the header file of the webpage. I want to introduce it to you SEO Make money training, this training guarantees the learning and making money!
In this way, users can be attracted to continue reading.

Step 3: What are the benefits of the SEO training you introduced to me?

At this time, I placed "SEO can earn good money after learning" in the most prominent position of the website
Users may not be interested in SEO, but all of them are interested in making money. Then I list three money making models that I will spend half the time explaining in the training, as well as the common expected income of these three money making models.
In this way, everyone will be interested in it, but there may be a question in their mind.

Step 4: How to prove that you are telling the truth

Student evaluation to prove:
Because the training has been done for 17 times and hundreds of trainees have been trained, many of them have really relied on my teaching experience to make their website SEO achieve satisfactory results and make money, even many of them have exceeded their original expectations. So I also list my trainees' comments on the training, which is the best proof.

Step 5: Why should I choose your training?

one Specialization:
Our qualifications in the field of SEO, a large number of successful cases, professional theory books, training system to prove professionalism. In terms of specialization, we are the most systematic, which naturally attracts users to choose my training.

2. Commitment:
Many students are afraid that SEO is too difficult, the foundation is too poor to learn, and they are afraid that they will not make money if they learn it, so we launched the promise of ensuring that the society will make money. It is very sure to let students learn from me, and it is also very easy for students to earn tuition fees. Take the students to do SEO service after the meeting. As a customer, his tuition investment will come back. If you follow the other ideas I mentioned carefully, you can naturally earn more. So I made a promise to learn how to make money, so that students can firmly choose us.

Step 6: Why should I buy it for you now?

This is also very important. It is a key link to improve the conversion rate. My SEO training website uses valuable products and services to attract users in this psychological thinking link.

What are the benefits of signing up for SEO earning training now?

1. Get a VIP account worth 1200 yuan
2. Get a set of "SEO Money Making Tips" electronic tutorial
3. Get multiple sets of online money making tutorials such as the Chinese version of Google Cash
4. Help you prepare two website diagnosis analysis reports worth 120000 yuan and《 Website optimization Implementation Plan
5. Get the opportunity to become Tongwang Technology's partner and participate in Tongwang Technology's cooperative and profitable projects!

In this part, all the concerns of potential customers have been dispelled, and then the next step is to submit an online application form.
To study marketing, we need to study user psychology, so real marketing experts are all psychological experts. In the IT industry, such as Shi Yuzhu, he has a good grasp of game players, so the innovative game model is also very attractive to users.