HResult code 0x8007000d error message: server error in application "application name" HTTP error 500.19 - internal server error HResult: the description of HResult: 0x8007000d the description of HResult cannot access the requested page because the configuration data associated with the page is invalid. The reason for HResult code 0x8007000d the reason for this problem is that the applicationhost.config file or web.config file contains malformed XML elements. The solution of HResult code 0x8007000d is about from application hos

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Server 500 error: page appears 500 error prompt, IIS management interface website is in stop state, generally appears after the web management panel added port 443, the solution can be deleted. 2. How to configure SSL certificate: at this point, SSL is turned on. Tools that may be needed: convert certificates into importable PFX files

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