In view of the uncertainty of domestic servers, data is often lost recently, so a one click backup and recovery script for this pagoda panel site and database is specially issued. There are two files, backup script (backup. sh) and restore script (restore. sh). The script's related functions and features are as follows: 1. It supports multiple backup storage locations, including remote server (scp), AliCloud OSS, Tencent Cloud COS, Huawei Cloud OBS, Baidu Cloud BOS. The pagoda's built-in backup function only supports the backup of website files and databases, and does not support the backup of website settings. 3…

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For record only: (for reference only) 1. Server 500 error: 500 error prompt appears on the page, and the IIS management interface website is in the stopped state. It usually appears after the web management panel has added port 443. The solution is to delete it. 2. How to configure an SSL certificate: So far, SSL is enabled. Tools that may be needed: convert the certificate into an importable PFX file

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