Unpacking a keyboard just started

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Let's start with a topic map~


Previously, Logitech has been using a 100 yuan entry-level membrane keyboard, which has been in service for nearly three years,

New keyboards are getting stronger and stronger,

I wanted to bite my teeth and buy amiloride, but I saw this Akko Bili Bili co branded model. I have to say, it's really good-looking,
Take advantage of just paid wages, wallet has not yet shriveled, decisive order.



After unpacking the express, the keyboard is packaged


The overall color of the keyboard is the blue color of a small broken station. It is clean and refreshing, clean and clean. It doesn't look very feminine

The key cap is the sublimation of PBT, and the shaft is cherry's green shaft, which is as cool as ever.


Physical display


Close up of bullet screen at Xiaopo station


In other places, we don't take photos one by one,
Anyway, the workmanship of the keyboard looks pretty good, and the appearance is also online,
The connector of the cable is still typec,
The only pity is that this one doesn't have RGB and even basic backlight,
I didn't find any other shortcomings. After all, the high price is just my fault, not ta's.

Keyboard summed up on a word: good looking



If life is just like the first sight, what is the sad autumn wind painting fan

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