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Sublime Text 3 build 3143 Chinese version settings

Precocious 7 years ago (2017-09-27) programming fourteen thousand six hundred and eighty-four nine


Sublime Text 3, which has not been updated for thousands of years, has been updated. The new version has carried out many optimizations and high DPI optimization support.

Sublime Text 3 download address:

  1. Now if there is a need for localization, you can set it as follows:

  2. Click Tools ->Install Package Control, and you will be prompted later that Package Control was successfully installed

  3. Click Preference ->Package Control, enter install to find the Install Package and press Enter

  4. Enter localiza, find the following plug-ins, and press Enter to install them


  5. Click Help ->Language and select "Simplified Chinese"

Operation example:

Genuine activation code (shared by netizens)



200 User License


1D77F72E 390CDD93 4DCBA022 FAF60790

61AA12C0 A37081C5 D0316412 4584D136

94D7F7D4 95BC8C1C 527DA828 560BB037

D1EDDD8C AE7B379F 50C9D69D B35179EF

2FE898C4 8E4277A8 555CE714 E1FB0E43

D5D52613 C3D12E98 BC49967F 7652EED2

9D2D2E61 67610860 6D338B72 5CF95C69

E36B85CC 84991F19 7575D828 470A92AB


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 like to study
like to study
2 years ago (2022-10-15)

Good sharing

 Baby Rabbit Game Network
3 years ago (2021-10-20)

These activation codes are good. They are supported. I hope they can continue to be updated.

 Online earning
Online earning
3 years ago (2021-08-22)

We Media Blog:

 Anti seepage membrane manufacturer
3 years ago (2021-08-10)

I used it before. At first glance, it looks very tall

4 years ago (2020-09-22)

I didn't read it that well, but thank the blogger for sharing

 Forgotten Features
Six years ago (2018-09-26)

I have been using version 2 before, but I am trying to use version 3. I have learned a lot and support it!

 Zhong Shuizhou Blog
Six years ago (2017-12-20)

Come and step on your station!

 Auntie, how are you
Auntie, how are you
7 years ago (2017-09-28)

You have finally updated.



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