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The old repeaters finally graduated

Not cold 2018-08-14 Talking about a life six thousand one hundred and twenty-four twenty-six
As a senior student of business and industry, I graduated successfully after ten years of enrollment. In this decade, there are happiness, confusion, loss and regret, but there are still feelings. From graduation of high school in 2008 to the beginning of the school, whether in academic or amateur life, my college career is quite rich

Foot on the mud, heart to the sun

Not cold 2017-02-18 Talking about a life six thousand six hundred and thirty-five six
We are born to work, but we have never been happy in our work. No one is addicted to work, but some are addicted to life

infringement notice

Not cold 2016-08-16 Talking about a life eight thousand nine hundred and fifty-six eighteen
 infringement notice
How confident can I drive like this

2016, let's go

Not cold 2016-01-20 Talking about a life five thousand one hundred and twenty zero
Long grass blog or to use, 2016, a new start, work hard ~ blog does not have to be long, a word, a photo can be written, all, use it

The centennial celebration party of Zhejiang Institute of industry and Commerce

Not cold 2014-11-11 Talking about a life twelve thousand five hundred and nine eight
 The centennial celebration party of Zhejiang Institute of industry and Commerce
The centennial celebration party of my alma mater. I watched it on the spot that night. Although the program was not wonderful and the school was not so good, I could feel a little bit from watching and listening. Century dream, business situation! Interested friends can have a look

Once again

Not cold 2014-08-08 Talking about a life eleven thousand seven hundred and six six
The last blog post was a year ago, and then, a year later, unfortunately, I fell asleep again

have a stiff neck

Not cold 2013-10-14 Talking about a life eighteen thousand six hundred and nineteen fifty-seven
Today, after I got up and played computer in the unit, I suddenly felt pain in my right neck, and I could hardly turn my head and neck... I can imagine a person, if I want to look at things, I have to turn around... It seems that I've been fixed... NIMA, I can also fall asleep when I sit down

The flood in Ningbo

Not cold 2013-10-13 Talking about a life ten thousand two hundred and twenty-five nine
On the fourth day of water and power cut, and the recovery date has not yet been determined, I suddenly want to make a comment: Grass Mud Horse, this is the center of Ningbo, has been without power for so long, so how to deal with the surrounding areas! Community downstairs can carry water, I want to say, mention your sister, I

People are in a dilemma

Not cold 2013-07-25 Talking about a life eight thousand five hundred and twenty-seven three
 People are in a dilemma
On July 19, I went to Fuzhou with my colleagues at 9:50. My colleague left at about 8:15 in the morning, thinking that although it was far away from the railway station, it would be enough to take a leisurely hour and a half by bus

Second anniversary of graduation

Not cold 2013-06-02 Talking about a life nine thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine twenty-three
Looking back, two years have passed. Always in this special day reminds me of that moment, and then break my fingers several rings, I do not know when my fingers will not be enough. I always inadvertently recall the previous life, before the unrestrained, but after returning to God and secretly ridicule himself so young but so nostalgic