Redis prompts Incremented maximum number of open files to 10032

Today, Redis on the server has been failing. View the log and find the following prompt: Increased maximum number of open files to 10032 (it was originally set to 1024). This problem is because the number of Redis file descriptors exceeds the system limit. File descriptors are UNIX and Linu

1 week ago (04-07)
Hong Kong Bank Account Opening Record

Since the end of 2023, the news that Hong Kong's bank account opening policy will be tightened has been widely spread on such platforms as Little Red Book, X and V2ex. At the beginning of this year, my friends and I took the opportunity of traveling to Hong Kong to open several bank accounts. The following is my experience on why and how to open an account in Hong Kong. Why open an account in Hong Kong? For most people, opening a bank account in Hong Kong or elsewhere may not be necessary. However, the following original

1 month ago (03-11)
PHP connection to MSSQL database in Windows environment

A few days ago, a project database used MSSQL. Then I need to call the data in it for analysis. Because I am good at PHP, I want to use PHP directly to connect to MSSQL. Generally, the database used by PHP is MySQL, so you need to install the extension first to make PHP support MSSQL, and Microsoft has the corresponding extension download. The general steps are as follows: 1. Download the PH used to connect to MSSQL

5 years ago (2019-05-26)
Windows Soft Link Establishment Method

We have multiple computers for daily use: home laptops, desktops, offices, etc. In order to make development more efficient, we often need to have a suitable development environment, including software, themes, plug-ins, etc., but it is troublesome not to synchronize to other computers after one computer is configured, So I think of the following method: I will save all software configuration files (phpstrom, sublime, etc.) to my document through a soft connection

Six years ago (2018-01-06)
Switch domain name DNS to Google Cloud DNS

Some time ago, for about a week in a row, my own domain name mailbox (Tencent's corporate mailbox) could not receive mail, and failed to find various reasons. No matter how I sent the message, there was no interception, no entry into the trash, and even complained about Tencent's corporate mailbox. I knew that one day when the blog VPS expired, I went to DNSPod to change the domain name resolution, and found that it could not be changed, so I found a line of small words: "Crouching slot, this is the real reason why I received the email, but..."

Six years ago (2018-01-05)
Sublime Text 3 build 3143 Chinese version settings

Sublime Text 3, which has not been updated for thousands of years, has been updated. The new version has carried out many optimizations and high DPI optimization support. Sublime Text 3 download address: Now if there is a need for localization, you can set it as follows: click Tools ->Install Package

7 years ago (2017-09-27)
Cancel setting QQ browser as default browser

People have always said that Tencent is a company that only plagiarizes, but I don't agree with it all the time, although I once passed it by. Chrome has always been my default browser on my computer. Recently, because of work needs, I installed QQ Computer Manager and QQ Browser, so I had a fight with them. After installation, I found that my computer's default browser has changed to QQ browser, and no matter how it is set, it cannot be cancelled. My first reaction was

7 years ago (2017-04-22)
Enable HTTPS for all blogs

Keep pace with the times. The whole blog site has enabled HTTPS. Access to http will automatically jump: The certificate used is Symantec DV SSL (changed to AlphaSSL wildcard certificate)

7 years ago (2016-12-23)
PHPManagerForIIS installation problem in Windows10 (IIS10)

PHPManagerForIIS is a tool launched by Microsoft to manage PHP extensions under the IIS platform. Using it, you can easily add PHP extension support in IIS, and support the coexistence of multiple versions of PHP. The main features are: quickly register PHP in IIS; Verify and correctly configure the existing PHP installation; Run multiple versions of PHP on the same server, and run different versions of PHP on different sites; Quick View php

8 years ago (2016-08-12)