Windows Soft Link Establishment Method

Precocious 2018-01-06 Play computer for a while eight thousand five hundred and seventy-one

I have several computers for daily use: notebook, desktop, office, etc,

In order to make development more efficient, we often need to have a suitable development environment, including software, themes, plug-ins, etc., but it is troublesome not to synchronize to other computers after one computer is configured, so we have come up with the following methods:

I save the configuration files of all software (phpstrom, sublime, etc.) to my document through a soft connection, taking Sublime as an example:

Enter C: Users Administrator AppData Roaming Sublime Text 3 and run:

 mklink /J "Installed Packages" "D:\Documents\SoftConfig\Sublime Text 3\Installed Packages" mklink /J "Packages" "D:\Documents\SoftConfig\Sublime Text 3\Packages"

Save the Sublime configuration file and plug-in to the SoftConfig folder under My Document,

Then synchronize the SoftConfig folder through the online disk. In fact, Dropbox is the most appropriate choice for online disks, because it has an incremental function, but because it is blocked in China, it is recommended Nut cloud The free version of 1G traffic is enough. It also supports incremental synchronization. It is also one of the few free WebDAV synchronization disks in China.

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