Enable HTTPS for all blogs

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 Enable HTTPS for all blogs
Keep pace with the times. The whole blog site has enabled HTTPS. Access to http will automatically jump: https://imzhou.com/ The certificate used is Symantec DV SSL (changed to AlphaSSL wildcard certificate)&nb

Weihan Blog won the award for 2012 boat ticket activity

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 Weihan Blog won the award for 2012 boat ticket activity

Z-Blog2.0 is being upgraded

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Upgrading Z-Blog2.0, you can see that the instructions in this article are basically complete, but

Want to write a blog

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I want to write blog articles very much. I have many ideals. I want to speak and write, but I am too lazy to type.. Can't hurt

Everybody, I'm back

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Helle, I'm back! In fact, it has been several days since I came back. The blog host was raped some time ago. Because there was no record, I found space for a while, so that's it. As for space, I'm still looking for it. Some people recommend it, soga. Remember it's zblog! Recently, I am still struggling with one thing

Got the T-shirt of Nafoneng

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 Got the T-shirt of Nafoneng
The clothes were received, the quality was good, and the design was relatively appropriate. There was no obvious advertising suspicion when it came out. Of course, the clothes arrived a few days ago, but I was at home, so I took delivery today. Then the first thing after receiving it, cough, a little embarrassed, is to remove the advertisement

A connecting article

Precocious 2011-05-09 Build a blog four thousand eight hundred and sixty-five eight
Check the list of articles. The last three articles were updated on 3.17, 3.27 and 4.26 respectively. It's been half a month since the last article

Groans before returning

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Look, the last log was released on March 27, and it's exactly one month since the spanner pointed it out. What's more, the content is also on the record, as shown in this article

Record cancelled

Precocious 2011-03-28 Build a blog four thousand nine hundred and fifty-four eighteen
Tragically, when I opened my blog a few days ago, I found that it automatically jumped to After various kinds of difficult consultations, I found that it was a white list of vendors who were taken out of the space by T, (-. - | | | The reason is that the domain name has not been filed, and there will be SMS and email reminders when the domain name is cancelled from the record before


Precocious 2011-03-18 Build a blog four thousand three hundred and twenty-three eleven
Because some things have not been updated for a long time, which is very difficult. Now, when I plan to write something else, I see that Zblog 1.9 will come out at the end of this month. I am a little excited. Finally, I have waited for a year and a half to write a blog. Zblog has been updated once, (-. - | |