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Precocious 2016-08-16 Talk about a life nine thousand two hundred and eighty-nine

How confident am I to drive such a car?

 IMG_ 5322_ Kantu Wang.jpg

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 Send and receive school mail

Send and receive school mail

I found a message on the school's intranet today. The original text is as follows:

Go home and "sleep"

I found that some days haven't been updated. I went back home this weekend, as if I hadn't gone back since the National Day, so I went home to have a meal last time when I went home to get a certificate

Prepare for the exam

This month, I have to prepare for the exam. The day after tomorrow, there will be a final exam for a course. Next Saturday, I will have the TOEIC Bridge exam. Next week, there will be College English. Today, when I was in class, I got the news that this semester may be

 Colleague gathering

Colleague gathering

I went out to eat with my colleagues at 7790 this evening. It was the first time that I went out to eat this semester, and it was also the first time for new colleagues. I'm the old man in 7790. I need my help in many things, hehe.. Look at yourself

 This is an interest

This is an interest

Since October, it has been more than two months since I started blogging again. In the first half of the year, Xiao Han tried to write a blog, but he stagnated for various reasons. Finally, he simply removed the entire blog data

Comment List

 Boiler grate

That's great, bro

 Passive grate plate

My mobile phone traffic control 12123 also has this picture

 Grate plate casting

Is it popular to take photos at intersections now

 Boiler economizer manufacturer

Spend money to take pictures

 Boiler economizer manufacturer

I've done the same thing

 Boiler accessories

Are you distracted

 Internet of Things card

The oncoming car on the opposite side doubted whether he was on the wrong road

 Grate plate

Regulated driving on unsafe roads

 Old Mai
Old Mai

Didn't anyone notice that the lines were not clear

 at leisure

He is really an old driver.

 Royal Yuanlin

It's really an old driver. Ha ha


Yes, it's very strong...... 66666

 lonesome and desolate mood

666666...... You are too cruel. Wow, ha ha ha


You are really something! Visual Name Chart


Like it!

 33 Catering

Yes, it's very strong...... 66666


Only an old driver dare drive like this



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