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Z-Blog2.0 is being upgraded

Precocious 2012-10-02 Build a blog five thousand five hundred and six

The Z-Blog2.0 is being upgraded. You can see that the instructions in this article are basically complete,




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Updated content:

  • It also supports Access+MSSQL dual databases

Yes, the Z-Blog 2.0 program fully supports MSSQL, and big database webmasters no longer need to worry about supporting MSSQL. Currently, the supported version has been tested: MSSQL 2000 2005 2008 2012

  • New front and rear console interface

Are you still worried because the foreground and background style of Z-Blog 1.8 is too ugly? Come and test Z-Blog2.0! Not only is the foreground theme remade, but also the background style is more atmospheric, making you happy with it.

  • More powerful article editor

Still worried that the 1.8 FCKEditor does not support IE9, batch upload and other functions? Come and test Z-Blog2.0! The Z-Blog team is currently cooperating with Baidu uEditor, so our Z-Blog 2.0 also comes with Baidu uEditor. Support batch uploading of pictures and attachments, graffiti, inserting videos and online searching videos, and code highlighting~

  • Template enhancements

Newly made CustomMeta plug-in, which can insert fields when publishing articles. Some template files need not be added separately. Different templates can be used for different articles, categories, authors, and tags. Self calling is supported in the template b_ Xxxxxx.html, it is easier to make CMS themes~

  • Sidebar management is easier to use

Is it inconvenient to modify the sidebar of 1.8? 2.0 sidebar management will break this situation! Support drag and drop sorting, support different pages to display different sidebars, etc., easy to use~

  • Support secondary classification

Secondary classification is no longer a dream, and Z-Blog 2.0 fully supports it!

  • Support custom page

Is it because the page function is not supported? Don't worry. 2.0 supports the page function. You can use it to make fun things, such as 404 pages~

  • Upgrade the anti spam comment plug-in

IP tracing, digital filtering, Martian filtering, user-defined prompt, direct interception and other functions, plus the use of regular production of black word lists and sensitive word lists, help you better intercept SPAM

  • Support smart phone management blog

Mobile wap function is further enhanced, supporting image upload, article management, reply to comments, etc. Smartphone users will better maintain their blogs

  • New plug-in support

TConfig class and TMeta class are added, batch processing function is added, and some new fields are added to the database. The foreground and background can insert JS without file reconstruction, and most functions have interfaces.

  • Multi level reply comments

UBB is weak, and 2.0 comments can be stacked infinitely in theory~

  • Security enhancements

Is it too easy for the database to directly save the password MD5 to be CRACKed? 2.0 enhances security, such as the password security mentioned earlier.

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