The agony of the new webmaster: what content website should be built?

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I have also registered many domain names, some of which have expired without renewal, and some are still idle. In the past, when looking at the domain name registered by myself, I always felt a little upset and impatient because I couldn't figure out what kind of website to use it as. Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, there are websites with all kinds of content, and more than one or two of them are excellent. If you are involved in them, how can you stand out?! Therefore, they are often confused with newly registered domain names. Search Baidu for "what website to do well", and there is no answer in the search results, but there are more "what website to do well", "what website to do well", "what website to do well"... In fact, we all know what website content to do well. Of course, many people need it. At present, on the Internet

Reasons and solutions for Sina blog not being included by Baidu

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The external chain is an important means to improve the website ranking. There are various ways to increase the external chain, among which the blog external chain is the favorite of many webmasters. For example, Sina Blog has become the first choice for webmasters to optimize the external chain because of its fast collection, high weight, simple application and easy use. But many webmasters reflected that their Sina blog was not favored by Baidu, and the articles published on the blog were not included by Baidu. At the beginning, I also encountered the same situation. Later, I gradually mastered the methods and skills, and re registered the blog. After the operation again, the blog was finally included by Baidu, and the collection was in good condition. Now let's share my operation method. Do not use the personalized domain name provided by Sina. New

The website successfully checked in to Alibaba Cloud server through registration and changed the theme

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In the past 10 years, the blog bar has used free space to go online, and then switched to a paid host. In the past four years, it has tried American Space, Domestic Space, Hong Kong Space, and Japanese Space, most of which were American Space. Maybe because it bought a host provided by a small service provider, the host experience is very ordinary, and there are often problems of one kind or another, and it is difficult to follow up after sales, Therefore, I have always wanted to change the domestic space, but I have been suffering from the record keeping problem. The recently changed Hong Kong space repeatedly prompted that it exceeded the 8% CPU limit, which is really unbearable. So I applied for an Alibaba Cloud server 0 yuan 6-month experience activity and purchased public network IP. Alibaba Cloud filing speed ratio

Introduction to the most common ways of making money on individual independent blog websites

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Most people who open websites and say they don't want to make money are deceitful. They have invested in domain name server fees and a lot of energy and time. Making money is an affirmation of their own labor and a return. Blog, as a kind of website, is the same. Among various types of websites, blogs are weak in making money. After all, the update program and flow of blogs are lower and less than those of large communities or information sites, but that doesn't mean that blogs can't make money. Here are some common ways to make money with blogs. Advertising alliance is the most common way to make money in blogs, but it is also the least profitable way. The blog traffic is low, and companies will not take the initiative and are unwilling to put advertisements on your blog, because your blog can not create an effect for them

What website do you want to do? What is a good website?

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At present, I have several domain names, five of which have opened a blog, and one of them has been kept. The rest of the plans are thrown away and will not be renewed. I also warn myself not to register in a hurry in the future. The reserved domain name (content), I don't want to leave it vacant, nor do I plan to stop. Because the renewal fee needs to be paid, I consider using it to open a new website. Therefore, I encounter a problem that many webmasters will encounter: what does the new website do? The trouble of doing a new website: I remember a few years ago when I first started a website, I had many ideas, and I felt that they were very new. At that time, I thought I could do many unique websites if I could. Now, I have been working on the website for three years. When I plan to build a new website again

How to build a blog into a website that can retain visitors

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In addition to the high quality and readability of the content of the blog, a blog is also affected by many factors if it wants to retain visitors well. For example, the experts of major websites emphasize that "the user experience of a website is very important". A website cannot leave visitors a good feeling, and it is difficult for visitors to stop. Blogbar expresses its views and feelings on user experience here. Opening speed of the blog: The opening speed of the blog should be the most influential. It takes 50 or 60 seconds to open the home page of the blog. I believe that there will not be many visitors willing to wait. Unless the content of your blog is a must for visitors to read and cannot be found elsewhere, at least I will not have the patience to wait for it to open completely. When I visited Lu Songsong's blog

How to promote blog? A little opinion on blog comment promotion means

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At present, in the domestic independent blogosphere, many bloggers are eager to promote their blogs by means of comments and messages. TA people spend a lot of time shuttling back and forth between multiple blogs every day, and then make comments and messages. These efforts have also played a decisive role. Every article in the blog often has hundreds of comments, which is good for life. But is blogging a success? Blog bar is hard to agree with. There are two types of bloggers: bloggers who come out to open their own independent blogs (or other types of websites) can be roughly divided into two types of people. One is lonely and boring, and they open a blog to kill time; The other is to hope that opening a website can bring you some extra income. For the former: this means should not be called blog comment promotion, it should be said that

How to promote the new station? Promotion method of new independent blog

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In fact, many SEO masters on the Internet have introduced the promotion of websites and blogs, and there are a lot of relevant articles on webmaster websites and webmaster forums, and the analysis is also very detailed and methodical, so it is unnecessary to introduce this blog again, and the blog is not good at promotion, The main purpose of this article is to make up for the lack of some blog promotion methods introduced online. New blog promotion method: WordPress, Z-Blog, Pjblog and other blog forums display new blogs. Blogbar found that these forums all have user blog display sections and are not limited to blog programs. Change the signature of the frequently visited forum to the link link of the new blog, and then post more topics and grab the sofa as often as possible