Baidu algorithm update, baidu official announcement on 6.28 K station event

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In June, the most unforgettable event for webmasters is Baidu algorithm update and system upgrade, which brings about large-scale K station event, commonly known as "6.28 event". In the big event, seven or eight websites operated by me have all become the "victims" of Baidu algorithm update. Therefore, I have been looking forward to the clarification from Baidu officials, Yesterday, Baidu's Lee in Baidu webmaster community published the "measures for low-quality sites have come into effect" post, announcing the update of the K station event. Now some webmasters are still in the camp of optimists. They think that the K station incident is just a routine business for Baidu to upgrade the system and update the algorithm. But from the official announcement of Baidu, it is true to provide high-quality results for netizens