Reasons and solutions for Sina blog not being included by Baidu

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The external chain is an important means to improve the website ranking. There are various ways to increase the external chain, among which the blog external chain is the favorite of many webmasters. For example, Sina Blog has become the first choice for webmasters to optimize the external chain because of its fast collection, high weight, simple application and easy use. But many webmasters reflected that their Sina blog was not favored by Baidu, and the articles published on the blog were not included by Baidu. At the beginning, I also encountered the same situation. Later, I gradually mastered the methods and skills, and re registered the blog. After the operation again, the blog was finally included by Baidu, and the collection was in good condition. Now let's share my operation method. Do not use the personalized domain name provided by Sina. New

The website successfully checked in to Alibaba Cloud server through registration and changed the theme

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In the past 10 years, the blog bar has used free space to go online, and then switched to a paid host. In the past four years, it has tried American Space, Domestic Space, Hong Kong Space, and Japanese Space, most of which were American Space. Maybe because it bought a host provided by a small service provider, the host experience is very ordinary, and there are often problems of one kind or another, and it is difficult to follow up after sales, Therefore, I have always wanted to change the domestic space, but I have been suffering from the record keeping problem. The recently changed Hong Kong space repeatedly prompted that it exceeded the 8% CPU limit, which is really unbearable. So I applied for an Alibaba Cloud server 0 yuan 6-month experience activity and purchased public network IP. Alibaba Cloud filing speed ratio

WordPress blog system will stop supporting PHP 4 and MySQL 4

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At present, the WordPress blog version we use supports PHP No 4 and MYSQL 4. However, according to the official news of WordPress, WordPress 3.2 released in the first half of next year will not support PHP 4 and MYSQL 4, which means that WordPress 3.1 released at the end of this year (2010) will be the last blog version that supports PHP 4 and MYSQL 4. Bloggers who buy website space to build WordPress blogs this year should consult the PHP and MYSQL versions of the space before buying. If it is PHP 4 and MYSQL 4, ask whether it will be