How to obtain the number of articles published by zblog website in the past 24 hours

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On the zblog forum, I saw a user asking how to count the number of updates to zblog in 24 hours. If there is no misunderstanding, the user should want to get the number of articles published by zblog website in 24 hours. In fact, it can be achieved through a few basic SQL queries. However, zblog php is evil. I have never been used to querying databases through chained SQL, so I directly changed the Z-wiki example to calculate the 24-hour update quantity of zblog. Note: The following code is only applicable to zblog php version 1.5. x. 1. Add the following code to the theme's include.php file: function

Method code for realizing delayed loading of website images to improve website opening speed

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Generally speaking, the delayed loading of web page images means that when the web page is loaded, the images that should be loaded together are temporarily replaced with small images to reduce the loading volume. When the user browses to the image area, the original image is loaded back (roughly this meaning)! The delayed loading of images is very helpful to improve the loading speed of web pages. At the same time, it is not tedious to implement the delayed loading of website images. Therefore, predecessors have prepared all the work for us. General web page: download the required jquery.lazyload.js file (the download address is provided at the end of the article), and then click</h

Solution to the problem of error returned by the zblog php upload image display server

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Zblog php uses the UEditor editor. When uploading an image, the image is uploaded successfully but cannot be inserted into the content. The display server returns an error. The solution told by the zblog administrator is to clean the BOM header. The zblog application center provides a plug-in for checking the BOM header, through which you can check and remove the BOM header of website files. 1. Enter the website background, search for "BOM File Header Check" in the Application Center and install the application; 2. Enter Plug in Management to enable the plug-in, and click the wrench icon behind the plug-in to enter the BOM file header check page

Solution to zti file upload failure during background theme installation

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When the blog bar browses the z-blog forum or other bloggers' z-blog blogs, it occasionally finds that the theme zti file upload fails when the blogger indicates that the theme is installed in the background of the z-blog. The failure to upload zti theme files may be due to the server used by the blogger does not support uploading. zti format files or the size of zti theme files exceeds the limit of the space provider where the z-blog blog is located. The following is the corresponding solution. Solution to the problem of not uploading zti files when installing the z-blog theme: If the server restricts the uploading of. zti files

A complete list of commonly used ping centers and reference notification sender addresses on websites

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After the installation is completed, a ping plug-in named Ping Center and Notice of Reference Sender comes with it by default. The function of this plug-in is to send a ping notification to the network update service provider in XML-RPC protocol after Z-Log updates the article through the ping search engine address entered in advance, so that the content can be included more quickly. The following blog has collected the main available ping addresses as follows: Baidu automatic ping service address: Update notification service for blog search:

Method code to realize the statistical effect of running days of Z-Blog blog

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By default, the z-blog system carries statistics on the total number of articles, comments, references, browses, and messages, but there is no statistics on the running days of z-blog blogs since they were installed to the present day. Therefore, to implement the statistics on the running days of z-blog, you need to manually add code. The implementation method is also very simple, just add a few javascript statements. Here are the steps of adding javascript introduced by Blogbar. Statistics of dynamic running days of z-blog blog: in default.html, catalog.html, search.htm

The blog comment content cannot be empty or too long

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I finished v5 two days ago_ The boke8 topic was uploaded to the zblog blog for installation test. During the comment test, the error prompt "Error reason: the comment content cannot be empty or too long" was tragically displayed when the comment was submitted. Fortunately, after all, several topics were imitated for ZBlog, and the reason for the problem was that the comment related JS calls were not added, As long as it is added, there is no problem. Solution: enter the background of ZBlog blog, click "File Management", enter the THEMES directory, and select the comments that cannot be submitted normally

Theme.xml format specification of Z-Blog theme production specification

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The Theme.xml file of the Z-Blog theme contains some information about the theme. The following describes the content information contained in the Theme.xml file, so that users who want to create themes can easily create themes and Theme.xml files. (The ThemeSapper (TS) plug-in provides an editor for the Theme.xml document. Users who do not know much about XML can generate standard topic information documents through this editor TS also provides a packager that matches the online installation package version in case of demand.) Sample Document