Method code to realize the statistical effect of running days of Z-Blog blog

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By default, the z-blog system carries statistics on the total number of articles, comments, references, browses, and messages, but there is no statistics on the running days of z-blog blogs since they were installed to the present day. Therefore, to implement the statistics on the running days of z-blog, you need to manually add code. The implementation method is also very simple, just add a few javascript statements. Here are the steps of adding javascript introduced by Blogbar. Statistics of dynamic running days of z-blog blog: in default.html, catalog.html, search.htm

Theme.xml format specification of Z-Blog theme production specification

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The Theme.xml file of the Z-Blog theme contains some information about the theme. The following describes the content information contained in the Theme.xml file, so that users who want to create themes can easily create themes and Theme.xml files. (The ThemeSapper (TS) plug-in provides an editor for the Theme.xml document. Users who do not know much about XML can generate standard topic information documents through this editor TS also provides a packager that matches the online installation package version in case of demand.) Sample Document