The agony of the new webmaster: what content website should be built?

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I have also registered many domain names, some of which have expired without renewal, and some are still idle. In the past, when looking at the domain name registered by myself, I always felt a little upset and impatient because I couldn't figure out what kind of website to use it as. Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, there are websites with all kinds of content, and more than one or two of them are excellent. If you are involved in them, how can you stand out?! Therefore, they are often confused with newly registered domain names. Search Baidu for "what website to do well", and there is no answer in the search results, but there are more "what website to do well", "what website to do well", "what website to do well"... In fact, we all know what website content to do well. Of course, many people need it. At present, on the Internet