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VW Speedo Gli refitting floor style

As a sports car, Volkswagen spiteng Gli has a handsome appearance, and can also take into account the daily use, but also can occasionally indulge. As a result, there are many owners who like to refit the appearance into Gli. After all, who doesn't like a more beautiful appearance? But if the speedo Gli also wants to modify the appearance, how to change it? Today's small edition will bring you the case of the appearance modification of Sagitar Gli.

 Volkswagen Speedo Gli refitting floor style.jpg

Although this car is called Jetta Gli in foreign countries, it is the same model as the domestic one. Because of the attitude route, there is no special eye-catching modification kit in the appearance, but the seemingly simple appearance has a unique modification.

Although the SPI Gli itself has a sports look package, the owners still feel that it is not enough. So they specially customized the front bar of six generations of Golf GTI, which is unique in the world.

 VW Speedo Gli refitting floor style-2.jpg

Modification list:

Watercooledind Lp1 three piece hub

Front 18 x 9.5 + 19

Back 18 x 10 + 25

Airlift shock absorber

Custom golf MK6 Gli front bar

Bright black roof

TT RS hood

Beautification of trunk wood floor

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