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Manual wide body refitting of Benz C200

This Mercedes Benz C-class is also well-known in the refitting circle. Although Andy, the owner of the Mercedes Benz, has completed the wide body and aerodynamic modification very early, he has been trying some new things. In Andy's words, he is a Mercedes Benz C-class owner swimming between waves and Sao. Because I tried a very coquettish style, so I was a little tired of that style. I began to favor the simple and elegant modified style.

 Benz C200 manual wide body modification.jpg

This group of photos were taken by Andy on the mountain road during the new year's day, along with a Volkswagen CC, which is also a posture modification route. The modified work pancake wheel hub is used to grab the camera. Of course, the main character of this issue is Andy's C200.

 Benz C200 manual wide body modification-2.jpg

Andy is very satisfied with the front of the car. With the small and wide body of the hand-made C63 leaf board, the visual effect is not exaggerated, but also has enough attractive effect. After all, this generation of Mercedes Benz C-class design language tends to be gentle, too violent will appear boastful.

Andy's opinion on refitting:

"Refitting this thing really only depends on one's personal preference, and you don't have to evaluate others' modification results. After all, it's not your car. Even if the effect is not good, there's no need to criticize. There's no need to criticize radishes and vegetables. The people you like don't necessarily like it. If others like it, you don't have half a cent to do with it. Look at others or your own works with an appreciative eye You will find different beauty

"Refit a car that I like and the works I like. I don't need how precious it is. I just hope to look back one day and it has accompanied you through a different journey of life."

"Refitting is an endless road. No matter what car I change in the future, I hope every car can have a kind of emotion to accompany me to go on!"

Modification list:

  • Mercedes Benz racing led steering wheel

  • Two piece custom forged hub

  • 19 "front and back 10.5j et25

  • Changing the color of ice cream to blue

  • Exhaust of the valve in the tail section of res

  • Kn intake

  • Carbon fiber with lamp rear spoiler

  • Carbon fiber rearview mirror housing

  • Ap9040 six piston brake system

  • Carlson front bar

  • C63 leaf board manual wide body

  • Pneumatic shock absorber system

  • Carbon fiber central control panel

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