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Seven generations of Golf GTI personalized modification

Volkswagen Golf GTI is a car model with high refitting potential. No matter in performance or posture, the Golf GTI can be well controlled. Today, the car playing house brings you seven generations of Golf GTI modification cases from foreign car friends.

 Seven generation Golf GTI personalized modification.jpg

The first time you see this seven generation Golf GTI, you will be attracted by this unique chameleon paint. Although the color is relatively cold, but every time I see it is amazing.

Although the appearance modification of this Golf GTI uses several brands, the overall collocation is not very awkward, but it is more characteristic in details.

 Seven generation Golf GTI personalized modification-2.jpg

In terms of walking system, the 18 inch three piece wheel hub of overseas brands has been refitted, and the data of 10J is relatively rare in golf.

Due to the use of 10J wheel hub, the original fender data is not enough. The car owner used the front wheel to install the wide body fender, the rear wheel hand wide body way, created belongs to own style.

 Seven generation Golf GTI personalized modification-3.jpg

The 7-generation GTI is also refitted with a 7.5-generation European Golf R LED light source and tail lamp, which makes the LED light source look more concise.

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