customer service


customer service

In order to better serve the owners, timely solve the defects left over by the engineering construction, and meet the needs of the owners, the decoration has a professional maintenance service department. The quality and safety department of the company provides a full range of project maintenance services, and the maintenance work is provided 24 hours a day. Customer service hotline: 0731-12345678.

l. Warranty period

  • The project quality warranty shall be implemented according to the current relevant specifications and contract provisions.

  • In order to further ensure the effective communication between the company and the owner and meet the requirements of the owner as far as possible, the quality and safety department of our company is responsible for the project quality and other issues, and the owner can contact directly.

2. Project warranty

In line with the idea of serving the owner in everything and considering the owner everywhere, we will continue to provide convenience for users after the completion and acceptance of the project, and do the following work well:

  • Provide all engineering technical files, relevant descriptions and various original data to the owner.

  • Implement the return visit warranty system after the completion of the project: issue the return visit warranty record form to the owner immediately after the completion of the project, and earnestly perform the contract and relevant provisions. Return visit every half a year during the warranty period. For any quality problems caused by construction reasons, our company will be responsible for timely and comprehensive repair, and make repair records, which shall be signed and approved by the owner.

  • During the warranty period, if the company complains about the quality problems encountered in the use, the company will take it seriously, and immediately send personnel to understand, investigate and analyze the reasons. If the problem is caused by the construction, we will send someone to repair it immediately. For quality problems caused by other reasons, our company will explain to the owner and actively participate in the repair.

  • Timely invite the owner to discuss, and ask the owner to put forward more valuable opinions on the quality of our company, so as to make continuous improvement in the future.

3. Warranty system

  • During the warranty period, our company provides free maintenance service (decoration quality reasons). The maintenance department has enough repair materials and guarantees that the quality of all repair materials is better than or equal to the original materials.

  • After the expiration of the warranty period, the company still insists on being on call to guarantee the maintenance, and only charges for the main materials.

  • At the end of each repair, our company will provide you with a written report on the causes, measures and reliability of maintenance. The report is in duplicate for both Party A and Party B.

  • After the completion of the project, our company will provide the customer with a written quality guarantee to provide complete product quality assurance for the customer's products.