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Volkswagen CC modification case

In 2015, car owners bought the 2015 Volkswagen CC 2.0tsi luxury model. At that time, many people asked why they didn't buy a BBA and a Volkswagen at that price? After all, it's more difficult for a car owner to buy a car than a Volkswagen car owner.

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After picking up the car, the owner set up an AC club in Dali and got to know a lot of big gods who played CC refitting. So it was very lucky that they didn't take many detours all the way.

The Volkswagen CC takes the attitude modification route, and the appearance is relatively simple style. In addition to a set of R-line front bars, the front part of the refitting is mainly blackened.

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In terms of shock absorbers, car owners also start with short springs, and then to the kW V3 twisted teeth. And when asked whether the future will be pneumatic, the car owners themselves are not sure, after all, it is difficult to say how to refit this kind of thing.

Four sets of wheel hubs have been replaced, from the earliest 17 inch to 19 inch, then from 19 inch back to 17 inch, and now to the 18 inch BBS single piece forged hub, equipped with the genuine blue BBS hub cover.

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At present, only calipers have been changed for the brake, and the car owner also said that he is saving money to change the brake. After all, it is not once or twice that someone said that the brake is not good-looking.

In terms of tail, the R-line double side rear spoiler and carbon fiber tail are modified.

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