About this site


About this site

Blog bar is a website set up because of my preference for blog program. When I use the learning blog, I write out the experience and solutions to the problems, which can help others while satisfying myself. At present, my most familiar blog systems are Z-blog and WordPress. So the main content direction of blog bar is Z-blog and WordPress usage, theme and plug-in. However, other blog programs such as PJBlog, Bo blog and emlog will be added when appropriate.


In addition, Blog bar part of the article content is not original, but reprint or modify the original article content release, there are links to the original author of the blog bar will add the original URL, there is no link to the original article, if there is infringement of the copyright of the author in the blog bar, please leave a message or email notice, the blog bar will add the link or delete the article in the first time to respect the copyright of the original author!

Reminder: The course published by blog bar is not necessarily 100% correct, but there are some Omission error as well as immature If you have any discovery, please point out to the blog. Don't open your mouth and scold me. Thank you very much!!

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E-mail: Bandeng @ boke8.net@


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In order to help the new bloggers who don't know the situation, we hope to know where the wrong blogger left a message to point out the error! be deeply grateful!!