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[Closure for Rectification]


Notice of business suspension and rectification from December 28:

As a user makes good use of Youyun Server to do illegal content, the company attaches great importance to it and actively cooperates with the public security department to seriously deal with such matters. It has submitted all the information of the user to the public security department, and the user will not renew after December 28, 2023. If you renew the user from December 28, 2023 to January 30, 2024, the payment will be automatically returned to the user, if not, Please be patient!

On February 1, the lease of overseas servers and domestic servers was in normal operation, and ECS was temporarily out of stock. Users who opened the server will default to have agreed【 Haoyou Cloud Service Agreement 】, you can place orders in the backstage of the official website!

Important note: All our products are prohibited from being used for vulgar (including websites that play the edge ball), trojans, viruses, pornography, fraud related, plug-in, private servers, lottery, video chat, beauty pictures, gay websites, human art, counterfeit medical products, gambling supplies and other types of websites. Our company has strict monitoring measures, once found, it will be permanently closed without refund!