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[Promotion plan] Cooperative promotion


We very much welcome you to join the promotion plan of Haoyouyun and introduce our products to others. At the same time, we will pay you corresponding remuneration according to your promotion performance.

Registered Account -->> Join the promotion -->> Get Link -->> Withdrawal income

Promotion commission standard:

All Haoyouyun Customers can become our cooperative promotion users, and the commission obtained by recommending other customers to buy our products.
According to our current promotion policy, if you successfully recommend other users to register on our website and successfully purchase the product, and the user has used it for one month without refunding or maliciously consuming resources, you can get a commission on the sales settlement price of the product after one month.
If the user applies for a refund to us halfway, the promoter will not be able to obtain the promotion commission.

Specific classification of domestic service return:
ECS: 10% Overseas server: 1% Virtual host: 2%

For products not listed, we will not provide commission rebates temporarily due to high cost.

As long as the promotion amount is more than 50 yuan, it can be transferred into the user's fund transfer account for use, and as long as it is more than 100 yuan, it can apply for withdrawal in the member center. We will make a settlement at the end of each month.

We suggest that you put the following links or logos on your blog or other types of websites to help you carry out cooperative promotion business. as     Haoyouyun

Or you can edit the picture by yourself. The additional link is [ Your user ID ]

Please put the [ Your user ID ] Replace it with your user ID, or query in the promotion return menu of the member center, Click to enter

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