Extreme · Rounded Card 3-in-1 Theme

Extreme · Rounded Card 3-in-1 Theme

There are three layout modes: round corner card design and responsive design. 1=3 comes with multiple sidebar modules. The sidebar contents of popular articles, hot reviews, the latest articles, recommended reading, the latest comments, and website information cards can be customized in the background. Slider style user-defined color matching supports customized website background and personalized settings, Variety of styles supports Bing Daily Pictures Wallpaper 1.7 original

Original price: ¥ two hundred and fifty-six Preferential price: ¥ two hundred and thirty-nine Membership price: ¥ two hundred and thirty-nine
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Features and functions of the theme

Rounded card design, responsive design

Three layout modes, 1=3

It comes with multiple sidebar modules, including popular articles, hot reviews, latest articles, recommended reading, latest comments, website information cards

The sidebar content can be customized in the background

Slider style custom color matching, supports customized website background, personalized settings, and changeable styles

Support Bing Daily Picture Wallpaper

1.7 The original thumbnail can be generated, and the article cover and the large list can also be displayed by yourself. The list will have different presentation

Login button, you can set login address and background address

Head beautification

Slides can set content and switch freely

Support floating and zooming of pictures in articles

Appreciation function. The likes button is divided into small button and large button, which can be freely selected, and the collection code can be freely replaced

Article copyright notice, which can be divided into original notice and general notice, can be declared original when publishing articles, and the copyright notice supports variables

Related article function

SEO settings support user-defined TDK, articles and categories support user-defined keywords and descriptions

The article poster generation function supports custom setting of logo, default image, text, etc. The poster and QR code are generated in the foreground, which does not affect the host performance

Multiple advertising spaces, which distinguish between computer and mobile terminals

Unlimited loading of list, selectable

Night mode, which can be defaulted and timed


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